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Feed Birds, Not Squirrels

Contact: Kelly Rozick
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Feed Birds, Not Squirrels:

Weight-Activated Wild Bird Feeder from Perky-Pet® Protects Seed, Attracts Birds

August 2011 - Lititz, PA- If you enjoy bird feeding, not squirrel feeding, Perky-Pet®, the recognized industry leader in wild bird feeding, has a solution - the Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone™ II Country Style Wild Bird Feeder.


Most birders agree that squirrel-resistant bird feeders are extremely important; not only does it help the birds enjoy the feeders, it helps you enjoy the birds!

The Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone™ wild bird feeder features a weight-activated perch bar that closes to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed supply. Adjustable springs can be calibrated to accommodate different bird sizes and to keep away nuisance birds as well as squirrels.


This Squirrel-Be-Gone™ feeder comes in a classic country style design in red or green with all metal construction and a removable roof for easy filling. Tree or pole-mounted, the Squirrel-Be-Gone™ holds 12 lbs of seed and can be filled with Mixed, Black Oil Sunflower, Hulled Sunflower or Safflower seed.


PerkyPet.com offers helpful advice on bird watching and bird feeding to help birders attract more birds to their location. The site is an excellent resource for information on Hummingbirds, Wild Birds, and Orioles, as well as for a broad selection of bird feeders. Browse through a wide variety of Perky-Pet® nectar feeders for hummingbirds and orioles feeders designed to hold sunflower, thistle and mixed seed, waterers, bird baths feeder accessories, birdhouses and more.


An online "Bird Library" provides information on hummingbirds, wild birds, and orioles, with valuable details on species, characteristics, nesting habits, and food preferences, while "Birdwatching 101" is an informative source on great bird watching locations, equipment, and landscaping tips to attract our fine-feathered friends.


Perky-Pet® brand is a trusted name to bird lovers, with high quality, functional feeders that address the demands of both bird hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. A good resource for just about every wild bird need is right at your fingertips- visit the Perky-Pet® website PerkyPet.com to learn more about bird watching, feeding, tips and tools, and ways to attract birds.