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Perky-Pet® Welcomes a New Member to the Family

Perky-Pet® is proud to welcome the newest brand of feeders to the family, No/No Wild Bird Feeders™ to birdfeeders.com. Joining the lineup of over 14 various types of seed feeders on the Website, we are sure that a birder of any level will be able to find exactly what they are looking for!


These new feeders contain an all-metal structure to ensure they are stable enough to serve birds year after year! Whether you have just joined the birdwatching hobby or have been a hobbyist for years, No/No feeders are the perfect addition to your yard! These feeders include:


  No assembly

  No plastic to break or suffer squirrel damage

  No wood to rot or weather away with time

  The feeders are collapsible

  Six different colors to suit your personal style

  Coarse mesh to offer birds black oil sunflower seeds

  Fine mesh to provide Nyjer™ and thistle

  Multiple shapes and sizes to accommodate a feeding volume of any size

  Collapsible for convenience and available in compact clam shell package


No/No feeders not only appeal to birders, they are also favorable among birds! Our feathered friends prefer these feeders because:


  Most feeders can accommodate up to 15 to 20 birds at once.

  There are plenty of feeding ports and a tray so perching and clinging birds can feed comfortably

  Mutliple seed variations can be offered via the feeder: black oil sunflower, Nyjer™, sunflower/safflower mix and songbird or cardinal mix

  Metal construction protects the birds from developing various avian diseases


Additionally, the new line of No/No feeders includes a patented baffle that prevents the higher ports from going dry. This feature reserves some of the feed at the upper levels of the feeder to increase the number of feeding ports for a longer period of time. The tube baffle is a feature exclusive to the No/No brand.


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