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Bird Feeding Tips


Another method for attracting birds is through the inclusion of bird baths and bird houses in your yard. These products may attract birds that do not eat at bird feeders, otherwise you may not see them in your yard at all!






Bird Feeder Care


Caring for your bird feeder, caring for your hummingbird feeder

Keeping your bird feeder clean and full of fresh seed or fresh nectar is very important to the health of visiting birds.


It is recommended that you clean your seed bird feeder every two weeks and your hummingbird feeder every week. Clean your bird feeder more often in warmer weather.


A mild soap and water solution can be used, however; if the bird feeder needs additional cleaning, you can use diluted vinegar. Be sure to rinse completely. It is not recommended to place any bird feeder in the dishwasher to clean.



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