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Hopper Seed Feeders

Hopper Bird Feeders


Putting up a bird feeder is the easiest way to begin attracting birds to your yard. With so many types of birdfeeders available, choosing one can be a little overwhelming.


Here is a quick reference guide to the different types of bird feeders and the benefits of each. View the many types of birdfeeders, including tube feeders, thistle feeders, hopper bird feeders, squirrel proof feeders, hummingbird feeders, and oriole feeders. Which type of bird feeder attracts your favorite bird? Find out below!






Hopper Bird Feeders


Hopper bird feeders look similar to a house, a lantern or a gazebo and are typically constructed with multiple sides and a roof. These types of bird feeders are becoming very popular with their creative and decorative designs.


hopper feeder mesa, hopper bird feeders

Hopper bird feeders are attractive to most birds, including finches, blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, chickadees, and titmice. Several birds can often feed at one time, depending on the design of the hopper feeder and the bird seed used.


These bird feeders protect the seed against the weather, but not as well against squirrels. If using one of these types of bird feeders, you may want to consider purchasing a squirrel baffle that will help prevent the squirrels from climbing on the feeder. Another preventative measure would be to use squirrel repellents. Havahart® carries a variety of effective squirrel repellent products. hopper feeder grandview, hopper bird feeders


Bird seed used in hopper bird feeders are usually either black oil sunflower seeds or mixed seed.   Some hopper bird feeders are designed to hold more than one kind of bird seed, with each type of seed held in a separate compartment.




Select-A-Seed Hopper Feeders

Our Select-A-Seed feeders allow you to put out the type of seed you want to attract different types of birds. The patented feeder ports rotate to serve either thistle or mixed seed. This unique feeder offers you the chance to alternate between mixed seed, sunflower, or thistle each time you clean your bird feeder.




Window Hopper Feeders

Window feeders give you the unique opportunity to view birds closer than you normally would be able to. They are also compact and easy to install.




Decorative Hopper Feeders

Bird feeders can be quite decorative.  For example, some have a theme such as patriotic, southwest, beach, nautical, and so forth, allowing you to show some of your personality as you feed the birds.  Purchasing several in a set of themed feeders can create a fun, attractive environment to any outhopper feeder fly-through, hopper bird feedersdoor area! View our Lifestyle Collection of feeders to see all styles available.


Bird feeders also make great gifts for that special person. Whether it is Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Teacher appreciation – bird feeders are a unique gift that benefits our feathered friends too!






Birdfeeders.com is your leading online source of top-fill hummingbird feeders, bird baths and bird houses. We offer the broadest and deepest selection of quality bird products to make your bird watching experience even more enjoyable!




5+ lb seed capacity