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Allen’S Hummingbird Food Preferences | Hummingbird Nectar
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Allen's Hummingbird

Allen's Hummingbird


Despite their tiny size, male Allen's Hummingbirds are very aggressive and territorial. The male attracts a female using a complex aerial show which includes vocalizations.


Due to their high metabolism, they must eat constantly, feasting on nectar and insects, giving them energy for flapping their wings at incredible speeds.




Food Preferences


Food Preferences of the Allen's Hummingbird


The Allen’s Hummingbird requires a constant energy source (nectar) and protein source (insects).allen's hummingbird flower pollinating


The very high metabolism of the Allen's hummingbird is due to the incredible speed with which it flaps its wings, continuously burning the food it has consumed for fuel.


After feeding from the nectar of flowers, the Allen's hummingbird carries the pollen to other flowers.




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