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Nesting Habits Of The Costa'S Hummingbird, Hummingbird Library | Birdfeeders.Com

Costa's Hummingbird

Costa's Hummingbird

This small hummingbird, the Costa's Hummingbird, is named after French nobleman Louis Marie Pantaleon Costa, Marquis de Beauregard.


This unique hummingbird has a spectacular courtship ritual in which the male Costa's hummingbird performs an amazing show for the female Costa's hummingbird in hopes of attracting her as a mate.




Nesting Habits

Nesting Habits of the Costa's Hummingbird


The courtship flight of the male Costa’s hummingbird is a series of swoops and arcing dives, enabling the sun to show off his plumage to a female Costa's hummingbird. The male passes within inches of the perched female Costa's hummingbird while emitting a high-pitched shriek each pass.


costa's hummingbird nestThe Costa’s hummingbird nest is a small cup made of plant fibers and down, coated with spiderwebs and lichen to allow for flexibility.


The female Costa's hummingbird constructs the nest, lays two eggs and incubates them for 15-18 days. The Costa's hummingbird young leave the nest 20-23 days after hatching.




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