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Lucifer Hummingbird

Lucifer Hummingbird


The Lucifer Hummingbird, a medium-sized member of the hummingbird family, has a distinctly decurved bill. Their numbers in any area correspond directly to rainfall and flowering times of desert plants.


Due to its high metabolism, the Lucifer Hummingbird must eat constantly, feasting on nectar and insects, giving it energy for flapping its wings at incredible speeds.





Appearance of the Lucifer Hummingbird


A medium-sized hummingbird, the Lucifer hummingbird has a distinctly decurved (down-curved) bill.  The Lucifer hummingbird has iridescent plumage, small wings and a white streak behind the eye.


Lucifer Hummingbird facts

The male Lucifer hummingbird has a dark-forked tail, green crown, magenta gorget and white underparts. The female Lucifer hummingbird is larger than the male Lucifer hummingbird, having a dull color scheme with a pale throat and buff-hue below.


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Geography of the Lucifer Hummingbird


The Lucifer hummingbird is found in deserts and arid areas of the southwestern United States (Texas west to southern Arizona) and into Northern Mexico.


The Lucifer hummingbird also lives in the Madrean Sky Islands of the Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico.


The number of Lucifer hummingbirds in any area corresponds directly to the rainfall and flowering times of the desert plants in that area.


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Local Environments of the Lucifer Hummingbird Lucifer Hummingbird location


The Lucifer hummingbird lives among the bushes and scrub in semi-desert and arid areas.


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