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The Magnificent Hummingbird

The Magnificent Hummingbird


The Magnificent Hummingbird, a large member of the hummingbird family, was named for its dazzling, colorful plumage.


Most of the Magnificent Hummingbird population lives year-round in central Mexico, although some can be found slightly to the north or to the south of Mexico.





Appearance of the Magnificent Hummingbird


The Magnificent Hummingbird is a large hummingbird named in regards to its dazzling plumage. The Magnificent hummingbird is the second largest member of the hummingbird family found north of Mexico (behind only the Blue-Throated hummingbird).magnificent hummingbird facts


The adult male Magnificent hummingbird has a bronze tail, green and bronze upperparts and a gray belly. The male Magnificent hummingbird also has a violet crown, a blue throat with a black head and a white spot behind the eye.


The female Magnificent hummingbird has green and bronze upperparts, dull gray underparts and a white stripe behind the eye.


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Geography of the Magnificent Hummingbird


The Magnificent hummingbird breeds in the mountains from southeastern Arizona to western Panama. Most of the Magnificent hummingbird population lives year-round in central Mexico, since temperatures allow for an abundance of food for them.


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Local Environments of the Magnificent Hummingbird magnificent hummingbird location


The Magnificent hummingbird prefers the edges and clearings of mountainous forests.


The Magnificent hummingbird is usually found at an elevation of 6,000 feet up to the tree line.


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