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The Magnificent Hummingbird

The Magnificent Hummingbird


The Magnificent Hummingbird, a large member of the hummingbird family, was named for its dazzling, colorful plumage.


Most of the Magnificent Hummingbird population lives year-round in central Mexico, although some can be found slightly to the north or to the south of Mexico.




Nesting Habits

Nesting Habits of the Magnificent Hummingbird


The responsibilities for nest building and incubation belong to the female Magnificent hummingbird. The nest of the Magnificent hummingbird is generally built about 9 feet off the ground near the tip of a bamboo stem.


Once the female Magnificent hummingbird lays the eggs, an incubation period of 15-19 days follows. The Magnificent hummingbird young leave the nest 20-26 days after hatching to venture into the world.



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