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Orchard Oriole

Orchard Oriole


This oriole often builds its nest in orchards, hence, its name the Orchard Oriole.


The Orchard Oriole is a small species of blackbird loosely territorial and a bit solitary. In areas of dense nesting, such as urban areas, one tree may contain multiple Orchard Oriole nests.





Appearance of the Orchard Oriole


The Orchard Oriole has a long tail, a thin, pointy bill, dark brown eyes and blue to black legs. Its wingbar and wing's tips are white.Orchard Oriole facts


The adult male Orchard Oriole has a brick red hue and a black head, tail and back. The female Orchard Oriole is yellow-green with a black bib.


The song of the Orchard Oriole is a warble, followed by some ‘guttural’ noises. ‘Chuk’ is a common call along with rapid chatter.


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Geography of the Orchard Oriole


The Orchard Oriole is found in eastern North America southward to central Mexico. A late spring migrant, the Orchard Oriole heads south earlier than most, reaching its wintering grounds as early as July.


The Orchard Oriole takes a long migratory path, through Mexico south to Central America and into northern South America (Colombia and Venezuela). During this migration, the Orchard Oriole often ventures into the Caribbean and is frequently spotted in the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands.


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Local Environments of the Orchard Oriole
Orchard Oriole location


The Orchard Oriole really does prefer to live in orchards, as well as gardens and suburban areas. The Orchard Oriole particularly seeks out areas near a water source such as a stream or lake.


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