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Nesting Habits Of The Spot-Breasted Oriole, Oriole Library | Birdfeeders.Com

Spot-breasted Oriole

Spot-Breasted Oriole


Spot-Breasted Orioles, a medium-sized oriole, were primarily residents of Mexico until 1949, when the species was accidentally introduced to southern Florida, most likely occurring when a couple of Spot-Breasted Orioles escaped from a shipment.


Male and female adult Spot-Breasted Orioles have black spots on the sides of their breasts, earning the species its descriptive name.




Nesting Habits


Nesting Habits of the Spot-Breasted Oriole


The Spot-Breasted Oriole nest, a long, hanging pouch made of roots and plant fibers, is usually found in the fork of a tree branch. The Spot-Breasted Oriole nest usually contains 2-7 eggs that are white with purple scrawling.


The length of the incubation period of the Spot-Breasted Oriole eggs, and therefore the fledgling period of the Spot-Breasted young is unknown as such studies have not been performed on the Spot-Breasted Oriole.




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