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Brown Headed Cowbird

Brown-Headed Cowbird


The Brown-Headed Cowbird has a wide range along the North American continent.  It can be found in thickets, pastures, woodland edges and residential areas.


The female does not build her own nest. Instead, she waits until another bird temporarily leaves its nest of eggs, then she places her eggs in the nest with the other eggs.





Appearance of the Brown-Headed Cowbird


The maleBrown Headed Cowbird Brown-Headed Cowbird has black shiny feathers with a brown head and neck, while the female is grayish brown. Both species of this songbird have a pointed beak, black eyes, black legs, and a long tail and wings.


Weighing in at 1 1/3 to 1 3/4 ounces, the Brown-Headed Cowbird can reach a length between 7 - 9 inches.


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Geography of the Brown-Headed Cowbird


The Brown-Headed Cowbird has a wide range along the North American continent. It can be found from central British Columbia in Canada southward through the United States and central Mexico.


The Brown-Headed Cowbird migrates to the southern and eastern parts of the United States as well as the Pacific coast, and travels as far as southern areas of Mexico.


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Local Environments of the Brown-Headed Cowbird


Wild Bird Library - Cowbird in field

Although it breeds in woodland edges, thickets, and pastures, the Brown-Headed Cowbird also ventures into residential areas.


It is often found on farmland among the farm animals that are grazing in the fields.


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