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Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak


The Evening Grosbeak is actually a large finch, a fact that many people don't realize! During the winter, the male Evening Grosbeak's brightly colored feathers make it easy to see at bird feeders.


The bill of the Evening Grosbeak is so strong that the bird uses it like a nutcracker to eat its favorite nuts and fruit pits.






Appearance of the Evening Grosbeak


It may be surprising to learn that the Evening Grosbeak is actually a large finch!  Compared to the tiny American Goldfinch, this bird is quite sizeable!


Wild Bird Library - Evening Grosbeak - FactsThe male Evening Grosbeak can easily be spotted at birdfeeders in the winter, with its brilliant yellow and black body and large white wing.


The female Evening Grosbeak has a duller coloring, but is about the same 6-7 inches in length and 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 ounces in weight.


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Geography of the Evening Grosbeak


The Evening Grosbeak inhabits parts of Canada and almost all of the United States except the most southeastern parts of the Gulf Coast states.


Although not all Evening Grosbeaks migrate, some will leave to winter in southern areas of the United States.


Some winter irruptions, or large increases in their population, do occur from time to time, during which more Evening Grosbeaks than usual can be found at many birdfeeders.


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Local Environments of the Evening GrosbeakWild Bird Library - Evening Grosbeak - Location


Although it breeds in forests or wooded areas, the Evening Grosbeak also can be found in cities and suburbs.


The Evening Grosbeak is particularly fond of birdfeeders and can easily be found feasting at them!


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