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House Finch

House Finch


The male House Finch has bright red to pale yellow on most of its body. The amount of this coloring comes from the food the male eats. The brighter, more colorful the male House Finch, the more attracted a female will be to the male.


The House Finch will nest in bird houses and bird boxes, but if you look closely at a hanging basket in a backyard or on a porch, you may even find a little house finch inhabiting it!





Nesting Habits of the House Finch


The House Finch will build its nest in trees, holes in buildings and bird boxes. It constructs the cup-shaped nests from grass, twigs, leaWild Bird Library - House Finch - Nestingves, wool and feathers and lines it with soft, delicate materials.


The female House Finch lays and incubates 1-6 pale blue speckled eggs for 13-14 days. The fledglings leave the nest in about 16 days after hatching to face whatever lies ahead!




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