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Nesting Habits Of The House Sparrow, Wild Bird Library | Birdfeeders.Com

House Sparrow

House Sparrow


What we tend to call the Sparrow is actually the House Sparrow. It is a smaller sized bird although it has variations in size, depending on the region in which it lives.


This unique bird can actually swim if absolutely necessary, and it loves to take "dust baths," just "splashing" about in the dirt!





Nesting Habits of the House Sparrow


The House Sparrow’s round nest, found in a tree or on a structure, is constructed from feather, paper and dried plants. House sparrows prefer to nest in small groupings, with the female House Sparrow laying 4-5 eggs that are white speckled with gray/brown spots.


Hatching usually takes place after 11 days, and the baby House Sparrow chicks leave the nest 14 days later to venture into the wild unknown!




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