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Food Preferences Of The House Wren, Wild Bird Library | Birdfeeders.Com

House Wren

House Wren


Having perhaps the widest range of any bird in the Western Hemisphere, the House Wren's range stretches from Canada to the southern parts of South America!


When a male House Wren finds an appropriate space located in a tree or nest box, he will gather several hundred sticks to place into the opening and thus begin the nest building process!




Food Preferences


Food Preferences of the House WrenWild Bird Library - House Wren - Food


The House Wren eats insects and small invertebrates, including caterpillars, aphids, grasshoppers, moths, beetles, and snails.


They can be very helpful to gardeners, especially those that have organic gardens, since the House Wren is a natural kind of pest control!




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