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Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin


Pine Siskins are actually small, yellowish finches. They are remarkably outgoing with each other, often socializing at other Pine Siskins' nests. They also tend to gather in large flocks, enjoying one another's company.


During the 13 day incubation, the male Pine Siskin will feed the female who only leaves the nest for a few moments at a time!






Appearance of the Pine Siskin


Pine SiskWild Bird Library - Pine Siskin - Factsins are actually small, yellowish finches. The male and female Pine Siskin look fairly alike, although the male Pine Siskin seems to have more yellow, particularly on its wings.


With a short tail, the Pine Siskin reaches a length of 4-6 inches and weighs approximately 1/2 an ounce. The Pine Siskin is smaller than the sparrow!


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Geography of the Pine Siskin


The Pine Siskin can be found in central Alaska, through the lower regions of Canada, throughout the United States and Mexico. This tiny brown finch usually only migrates as far south as the middle of the United States during the winter.


During the winter months, Pine Siskins often gather in large flocks. Where a Pine Siskin locates during any season is largely a result of where seeds are plentiful and accessible.


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Local Environments of the Pine Siskin


The Pine Siskin has its nests in pine and other coniferous forests, though it may be found in parks as well.


Wild Bird Library - Pine Siskin - Facts - Location

These little finches are remarkably outgoing with each other, often socializing at the nest of another Pine Siskin. This interaction occurs even during breeding season, although pairs will guard their nests when the female Pine Siskin is sitting on their eggs.


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