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Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin


Pine Siskins are actually small, yellowish finches, They are remarkably outgoing with each other, often socializing at other Pine Siskins' nests. They also tend to gather in large flocks, enjoying one another's company.


During the 13 day incubation, the male Pine Siskin will feed the female who only leaves the nest for a few moments at a time!




Food Preferences


Food Preferences of the Pine Siskin

Wild Bird Library - Pine Siskin - Food


Favorite foods of the Pine Siskin include small seeds as well as insects and spiders. The Pine Siskin parents will feed aphids to their hatchlings.


They often gather in flocks high up in the tree tops to find food. These small birds also enjoy thistle seed which attracts them to finch feeders. In fact, the Pine Siskin tends to gather where bird feeders are easily accessible.




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