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All About Squirrels, Behaviors

All About Squirrels - Feeding


Squirrels have feeding/eating behaviors just like us. Squirrels are not picky eaters, they will feed on just about anything. However, if you're a bird watcher, squirrels eating your bird seed can be very costly. Here are some tips to understanding their feeding behaviors and some possible solutions.




Squirrel Behaviors
Squirrel Proofing

Squirrel Feeding/Eating Behaviors


All About Squirrels, Behaviors

Did you ever wonder why you see so many squirrels in the spring time as opposed to other seasons? Did you know that early spring is the worst time of year for squirrels to find food? Nuts that they have buried begin to sprout and they are no longer available for them to feast on.

Because other food sources are still in the process of growing and blooming, not much else is available. In times like these squirrels have few food choices - it's mainly tree buds, fungi, cones, and yes, you guessed it - bird seed!

All About Squirrels, FeedingBirders who do not want to attract squirrels choose squirrel-proof bird feeders that have special mechanisms to deter the squirrels. Some have cages around the bird feeders, others are weight-activated that shuts-off the feeding ports with the weight of the squirrel. Other squirrel-proof accessories, such as baffles, are also used in conjunction with these special squirrel-proof feeders. Squirrel repellents are also an option.All About Squirrels, Feeding

We've all heard the saying, if you can't beat'em, join'em. Some have chosen to provide food specifically for squirrels, hoping to distract them from eating bird seed. Food commonly served from back yards includes cracked corn and peanuts. Consider this as another option if you just can't get those pesky squirrels to stay away.