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Squirrel Proofing, Location of Feeder

Location of Squirrel Proof Feeders


Once you've chosen the squirrel proof feeder that works for you, you'll want to scout a good hanging location for your feeder. Where you hang your feeder is just as important as what type of feeder you are using in relation to the level of your squirrel problems.




Types of Feeders


Location, Location, Location


Squirrel Proofing, Location of Feeder

Find a spot for your bird feeder with a good view from the house but far enough away (at least 20 feet) so the squirrels cannot use your house as a way to get to the feeder.


If you have a pole mounted feeder and want to make it squirrel proof, position it at least 10 feet away from potential perches (trees, garage, etc.).


Squirrels can jump 4 feet vertically so to ensure your pole feeder is truly squirrel proof, make sure it is at least 5-6 feet off the ground.

Squirrel Proofing, Location of FeederWhile attempting to squirrel proof your feeders, keep in mind that some birds are more nervous than others when squirrels are around. So while you should keep the feeder away from any launch points, birds appreciate cover within 12-20 feet of the feeder.


Remember also that ground cover is a hiding place for predators so keep feeders away from it, too.


Change the Seed

While squirrels will eat almost anything, there are some kinds of bird seed a squirrel will not go through hoops to get, so this can help to "squirrel proof" your feeder indirectly. A few of squirrels non-favorites include:
Squirrel Proofing, Location of Feeder
•    Beef Suet
•    Safflower Seed
•    Nyjer or thistle seed

While the above seed doesn't appeal to squirrels, it also doesn't appeal to a large majority of birds so the variety of birds at your feeder will decrease as well. Unfortunately, that is one of the problems in trying to squirrel proof your feeder with your offering. Luckily, safflower seeds do appeal to cardinals, doves, titmice, nuthatches, and house finches!




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