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Squirrel Repellents

Squirrel Proofing, Repellents

Squirrel Repellents


Squirrels have become a plague on bird feeders these days, and it can certainly be daunting to squirrel proof your bird feeders. At times, these smart little critters can undo your squirrel proof measures in just minutes! No worries, we have all types of solutions to meet your every squirrel proof need.




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Squirrel Proofing, Repellents

If you've never tried squirrel repellents, now is the time!


The tested, effective squirrel proof and squirrel control products by Havahart® offer great squirrel control solutions from squirrel repellents to squirrel traps and other methods to squirrel proof your bird feeders:

Squirrel Repellents

A squirrel repellent is an efficient way to squirrel proof the areas surrounding your bird feeder. We offer several squirrel repellent, squirrel proof bird feeder solutions:

Squirrel Proofing, RepellentsOur sister brand, Havahart®, Critter Ridder® is a pepper based, OMRI Listed, deterrent available in both liquid and granular applications.  Critter Ridder® can be used indoors (granular) and outdoors (granular and liquid).

One application of Critter Ridder® works as a squirrel repellent up to 30 days, helping you to squirrel proof the areas around your feeders and areas around your yard.

For long term squirrel repellent or squirrel proof solution, Spray Away may be the best alternative. Squirrel Proofing, RepellentsConvenient, easy-to-use and harmless to animals and pets, Spray Away is a motion activated water repellent that will help to squirrel proof your bird feeders..





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