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The American Robin: Top 10 Most Interesting Facts


The American Robin is a long-time icon of the spring season, known for its bright orange belly and beautiful song! Here are a few interesting facts you may, or may not know.

American Robin

1. Robins are very popular birds both here in North America, as well as in Europe. In fact, it is the national bird of Great Britain!

2. The male American Robin sings the most beautiful tune… he is often the last bird heard as the sun sets.

3. The American Robin is the state bird for Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

4. Robins have a sweet tooth! Fruits, berries, sweet cakes, and even pastry dough are their favorites.

5. The male and female look surprisingly similar, although if you look closely, the female is a bit duller than the male.

6. In the past, Robins were killed for their meat, believe it or not. However, they are now protected in the U.S. thanks to the Migratory Bird Act.

7. The American Robin is a known carrier for the West Nile virus. The Robin is able to hold the virus longer than other species, hence spreading it to more mosquitoes!

8. Drunk Robins!? Yes, Robins sometimes will flock to fermented berries. By ingesting large quantities, they appear to be drunk and exhibit behaviors such as falling over while walking.

9. Robins are known for their running and stopping behavior – it is one of their main characteristics!

10. Although the comic-book superhero Robin was inspired by an illustration of Robin Hood, a later version had his mother nicknaming him Robin because he was born on the first day of spring!

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