Some bird feeders are made to be squirrel proof. In this picture, a squirrel can get to a feeder that's placed improperly.

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3 Backyard Threats to Wild Birds

21 Nov , 2013  

As an avid bird feeder, you should be aware of the harmful occurrences that your feathered friends could come in contact with. As the weather gets colder, you may not be as vigilant about maintaining the outdoor environment that wild birds have come to expect from your yard. It is important to avoid these backyard threats to improve your life as a bird feeder and their’s as birds.

  1. Cats and Other Predators: Outdoor and feral cats can be a direct threat to wild birds at any time of the year. Even well fed cats will chase or hunt the birds that are traveling from shelter and food sources in your yard. Be aware of the primary feeding time — early in the morning — and you can keep your feathered friends free from harm keeping cats inside. Learn more about backyard predators in our previous post.
  2. Avian Diseases: You’re not a fan of giving your bird feeders as much attention in the cooler months of the year and figure that there’s a low chance of the feed spoiling; but diseases can still be transmitted in cooler temperatures! Continue to clean your bird feeders regularly and toss out old seed. Because wild birds will pick out their favorites from a mixed seed variety, make sure to clean the ground beneath the feeder to keep pests, squirrels, and other wild life from congregating.
  3. Windows: You may prefer to watch your feathered friends through a squeaky clean window, but spotless windows are a potential threat to wild birds. Wild birds cannot see the actual windows and are confused by the “outdoorsy” reflections they see. Collisions with a window or glass door can be fatal to a bird. If not fatal, then It could causee serious injury, or stun them, which makes birds more vulnerable to predators. Instead of compromising a clean window, place feeders and baths at least eight to ten feet away from the nearest window.

Now, take a look at the birding sanctuary you have set up in your yard, how bird friendly is it?

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  1. Lynn says:

    I had to remove all my feeders and suet because one of my neighbors called the county and complained that my feeding the birds was attracting rats. So now I have been cited and can no longer feed my beloved birds.

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