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Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders: Your battle is our battle

23 Jan , 2012  



Squirrels eating from your bird feeders can be frustrating. Let Perky-Pet help you turn the tables on these furry rascals.

Squirrels eating from your bird feeders can be frustrating. Let Perky-Pet help you turn the tables on these furry rascals.

One of the biggest pests for any avid bird-watcher is squirrels. Perky-Pet® offers a variety of bird feeders that feature squirrel-fighting features, including weight activated mechanisms and chew-proof materials.

Aside from making squirrel-proof feeders, we also use this blog to speak to the finer points of the Bird-lover vs. Squirrel battle. Be sure to check out these posts:

But you’re probably here because you’re frustrated with the squirrels ransacking your feeders. Maybe they’ve even destroyed one. That means you need help picking the perfect squirrel-proof feeder for your backyard. Why not take a look at a few of our suggestions below!


Feeders with weight-activated releases use the squirrels own weight against them.


  • Birdscapes® Squirrel-Be-Gone II ™ Feeder – Looking for a simple feeder that keeps squirrels from sneaking off with your bird seed? Then the Birdscapes® Squirrel-Be-Gone II ™ Feeder is just for you! Featuring a weight-activated blocking bar, the squirrels have no chance of retrieving any birdseed from this feeder. Not only is this feeder effective, but it is aesthetically pleasing, too, coming in a brushed nickel finish and a 12 lb. seed capacity.
  • Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone ™ II Home Style Wild Bird Feeder – With this innovative feeder, squirrels don’t stand a chance with raiding the birdseed. Featuring a weight-activated perch bar that closes to prevent squirrels from accessing the seed supply, this feeder offers adjustable springs that can be calibrated by the birdwatcher to accommodate different bird sizes. With a classic home style design and a removable roof peak for easy filling, this feeder is the perfect addition to your backyard!


Feeders made of metal keep a squirrel from chewing through them to the seed inside.


  • Perky-Pet 10″ Sunflower and Peanut Feeder — Want to deliver some high-energy food to your feathered friends? This feeder will do just that! Built entirely from metal, the 1.25-lb. capacity feeder is tough to crack and easy to refill. The key to this successful feeder is its simple design — only birds can extract peanut bits from it. Sure, a squirrel can crawl all over it, but it will have a hard time pulling out a snack.
  • NO/NO® Designer Double with Perch Ring Wild Bird Feeder — Our NO/NO® brand features a variety of all metal, diamond mesh feeders that keep squirrels frustrated. Sure they can get some seed out of these feeders, but they cannot damage them. These heavy-duty steel feeders have the ultimate access to seed that birds can use easily, but not squirrels. The Designer Double works especially well because it doesn’t have a seed collecting tray that squirrels can take from.

High security

These feeders often use the squirrels own size against them — stopping them from even reaching the food.


  • Birdscapes® The Preserve Feeder — Another popular feeder, the Preserve features a metal cage that surrounds the feeder and limits seed access to small-sized creatures, so it also works against crows and pigeons as well as squirrels. Featuring an attractive design and a 2 lbs. seed capacity, this is a charmer of a bird feeder.
  • Perky-Pet® Fortress™ The Bird Shelter Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder — For some feeders, a little shielding is all you need to keep the squirrels from stealing bird seed. The Bird Shelter features a plastic dome around the feeder, which also keeps wet weather from spoiling your seed. With four feeding ports, an easy-fill lid and a 3.5-lbs. seed capacity, The Bird Shelter brings an attractive alternative to your battle against the squirrels.

With such a variety to choose from, Perky-Pet® offers you the best feeder options to keep away those pesky squirrels! Still not sure which feeder to buy? Check out the website to view our entire line of bird feeding products, or visit our squirrel proof feeder shop to get see more squirrel proof feeders and squirrel-fighting supplies!

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2 Responses

  1. Sue Dumas says:

    I have the new hummingbird feeder. I’ve hung two of them on the corbels at each of my two kitchen windows. I mix my own food of 4 to 1 water to sugar. I’m now filling both feeders on a daily basis. The feeders never to seem to be empty. I get all ports occupied and I fill the top with sugar water as well, and they drink from there.
    Both feeders are filled with the birds and many scraps take place for position. I’ve seen at least about 14 birds flying around and feeding. The morning and evening hours are most hectic with the hummers flying and feeding in all directions. My husband teases me that I’m taking all the birds from my neighbors. I’ve had a smaller feeder in the past, hung in a different location and never seen anything like this. I was wondering if the Perky-Pet ever does videos for their products. These two feeders are definitely worth filming with all the activity they create. When I’m home and enter the kitchen the feeders always seem to have a hummer feeding away.
    Well I have to go now. Yesterday I filled the feeders at 10:00 a.m., it’s 10:30 and there both empty. I made 10 batches of four cups each yesterday. I’m buying 20 lb. bags of sugar and have been having this happening for at least six weeks now. The daily filling seems to be more at the same time of day now instead of lasting 1 1/2 days.
    If anyone wants to try to get hummingbirds in their yards, I highly recommend the new glass feeder with the swirl in the glass and the yellow flowers. It’s hard not to keep filling as the hummingbirds get in front of me when I’m sitting out in the veranda and make their chirps to get my attention that the feeder is empty.
    One day three of them were in front of me when I looked up from my book.
    Sue in San Diego

  2. Greg says:

    need a post for the perky pet bird feeder squirrel proof II.

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