How to Attract Hummingbirds to Your Backyard!

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Are you interested in learning how to attract hummingbirds to your backyard?  Do you already have a hummingbird feeder, but aren’t sure what else you can do to attract more hummingbirds?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, then this blog is for you!  Attracting hummingbirds to your backyard is not only a great way for you to enjoy bird watching, but it also is a way to provide these tiny birds with nectar, encouraging them to come back to your yard over and over again.
One of the easiest ways to begin attracting hummingbirds to your yard is by putting up a hummingbird feeder.  With the wide variety of feeders, it’s important to understand which feeder will be best for your yard.  Here is an overview of the types of feeders Perky-Pet® offers:Perky Pet Outdoor Shots 2010 050
Top Fill Hummingbird Feeders – These top fill feeders are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and allow for easy refill through a wide mouth.  A second benefit of a top fill feeder is that it is very easy to clean, allowing you to quickly clean your feeder and refill to continue attracting hummingbirds to your backyard.
Perky Pet Outdoor Shots 2010 026Bottom Fill Hummingbird Feeders –Traditionally, hummingbird feeders were filled from a small opening at the bottom of the nectar container on the feeder.  Perky-Pet® offers not only this traditional style feeder, but also funnel bottom feeders that allow for easier filling, reverse funnel feeders, and window bottom feeders, all designed to attract hummingbirds to your yard.
Perky Pet Outdoor Shots 2010 062Decorative Hummingbird Feeders – If you are looking for a hummingbird feeder that represents your style and will not only attract hummingbirds, but also be a conversation centerpiece in your backyard, then a decorative hummingbird feeder is the perfect choice for you!  With a variety of decorative feeders including, hand painted feeders, colored glass feeders, as well as elegant accent feeders, you can be sure to find the perfect feeder that fits your style!

In addition to adding a feeder to your backyard, a second way to attract hummingbirds to your backyard is as simple as planting flowers.  Hummingbirds are attracted to flowers such as Bee Balm, Delphinium, and even Coralbells.  Finally, a third way to attract hummingbirds is by adding trees and shrubs as a place for them to nest.  These trees and shrubs will offer hummingbirds shelter that is not only safe for them, but also close to a source of nectar from your feeder!  Check out our landscaping tips page to learn more about what types of flowers humming birds are attracted to and what trees and shrubbery will be best in your yard!

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Hummingbird Feeders for Your Yard and Garden

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Setting up hummingbird feeders in your backyard is a great way to attract various hummingbirds, as well as adding beauty to your backyard scenery.  When choosing a hummingbird feeder, there are various styles to pick from and it’s important that you select a feeder that not only works best for your type of yard, but also one that compliments your personal style and preferences.  Here are a few suggestions to help you select a feeder that is most suitable for your backyard!



Perky Pet Oasis Hummingbird Feeder

Dish Style Feeder       

      Perky-Pet® Oasis Hummingbird Feeder – This hummingbird feeder is the perfect choice for watching and feeding hummingbirds!  With its 16-oz. dish-style feeder and six feeding ports, the Oasis feeder allows for easy filling and cleaning and is the perfect addition to your backyard.

B122TF 1 1 300x300 Hummingbird Feeders for Your Yard and Garden        Top Fill Feeder

      Perky-Pet® Aster Patented Top-Fill, Push-Pull Hummingbird Feeder with Free Cleaning Mop – The Perky-Pet® Aster Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder features our new Push-Pull technology for effortless refilling – just push, pour, then pull-and-lock! It includes an easy to fill wide mouth top and an advanced "sports bottle" like function to facilitate replenishing the nectar. The four feeding ports appear as yellow aster flowers, creating a sweet, inviting look.



220 1 300x300 Hummingbird Feeders for Your Yard and Garden       Large Capacity Feeder

      Perky-Pet® Grand Master Hummingbird Feeder – Are you looking for a hummingbird feeder that allows you to spend more time enjoying the birds and less time refilling it?  If so, then the Grand Master Hummingbird Feeder is the one for you!  With a 48-oz. nectar capacity, this feeder features six feeding ports, with a wide-mouth top, allowing for quick, easy cleaning and filling.


     Decorative FeederW06HB 1 300x300 Hummingbird Feeders for Your Yard and Garden

        Avant® Garden Fairy Dust Hummingbird Feeder – This feeder is perfect for both attracting and feeding hummingbirds.  As part of the Whimsical Collection in our Lifestyle Collection series, the fairy sits amidst the three red nectar containers, “talking” to the tiny birds as they feed.  With a 4.8-oz. nectar capacity, this feeder is perfect for fairy-lovers and hummingbird-lovers alike!

      No matter what type of hummingbird feeder you’re looking for, Perky-Pet® is sure to have one that fits your style!  Still not sure which style is best for you?  Check out our website to see more hummingbird styles and learn about hummingbirds. We have a wonderful guide that will help you choose the best hummingbird feeder for you!

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12 Days of Bird Feeders

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We’re all-familiar with the 12 Days of Christmas song and have grown up singing it around the holidays. But, what if there were 12 Days of Bird Feeders! We would be one happy group of birders! In honor of the holidays we are highlighting our top 12 feeders and can’t wait to celebrate the 12 Days of Bird Feeders!

Perky-Pet® Squirrel-Be-Gone™ III Feeder – This feeder is best used for keeping squirrels from thieving the birdseed! Using anti-squirrel technology, the ports of this squirrel proof feeder close under a squirrel’s weight, preventing them from raiding the seed supply!

737 11 12 Days of Bird FeedersPerky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed Bird Waterer – A water source in your backyard is a simple and effective way of attracting wild birds. Water attracts species that you may not see at your seed feeder.

Perky-Pet® Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder – With 3 individual feeding tubes and 12 patented 2 in 1 flip feeding ports that adjust to serve mixed, black oil sunflower or thistle seed, this copper colored tube bird feeder is beautiful, versatile, and durable. The feeder comes complete with a squirrel resistant baffle.

Let your imagination fly and design your very own Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder! Select the flowers, base, and bottle design of your choice. Save your design, share with friends, or purchase your creation and it will be delivered to your front door!

Birdscapes® Window Feeder – Bird watching is so easy and fun with this crystal clear window bird feeder. Simply attach to any window and watch the birds from the comfort of your chair!

Avant® Garden Marque Wild Bird Feeder – This classic ship’s lantern design will enhance any backyard, deck or patio while it attracts flocks of birds to the seed.

Birdscapes® Upside Down® Goldfinch Feeder – Goldfinches can feed upside down though other birds cannot, making this feeder perfect for making sure the goldfinches get their food undisturbed.

Perky-Pet® Window Mount Feeder – Attached to your window, this hummingbird feeder will provide hours of enjoyment from a cozy chair inside your home!

Perky-Pet® Antique Hummingbird Feeder Set – Hummingbirds and hummingbird enthusiasts will be attracted to this classic antique glass bottle design. Comes with all you need to feed the birds and keep your feeder clean!

Perky-Pet® Hummingbird Oasis Feeder – One of our versatile hummingbird feeders, it can be hung or pole mounted. Contains six feeding ports and an ant moat.

222 3 m 12 Days of Bird FeedersPerky-Pet® Double Decker Top Fill Hummingbird Feeder – This charming 26 oz. hummingbird feeder is so easy to fill with its Top Fill technology, pleasing you and the birds.

Avant® Garden Fairy Dust Hummingbird Feeder – The beautiful fairy sits amid the red nectar containers in this stunning hummingbird feeder so she can “talk” to the tiny birds as they feed.

Make your holiday merrier with these 12 feeders! They make perfect gifts for a loved one, or for yourself! Do you already own one of these feeders? Leave us a review so shoppers can use your thoughts to help their buying decision! Visit to leave a review or shop now!

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