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Hand Feeding Hummingbirds!


15 years ago, the Ohio Lake Hope State Park began a hummingbird feeding program because of the large number of hummingbirds that make the park "home" during migration.

Park naturalist, Dave Sapienza, says that the park is the perfect environment for the little hummers because of the lush covered area filled with plants, flowers and insects important to a hummingbird diet.

Sapienza began trying to hand feed the hummingbirds, when one day a hummingbird tried landing on the feeder he was trying to hang. Because of its popularity, Sapienza now runs the program 5 days a week.

Barbara J. Saffir, a freelance reporter for the Washington Post, explained that the key to getting the little creatures to land and feed out of your hand is to stay very still, be patient and quiet. Eventually you will hear the “buzz” and feel the wind of their tiny wings

If you live nowhere near Ohio, are not planning a visit anytime soon, and are feeling brave, you can try it in your very own backyard if you already have hummingbirds visiting your feeder.

Try it out - You might just start your own feeding program right from home!

Read the complete story here, or visit the Lake Hope Ohio State Parks website for more information on the program.

Source: Saffir, Barbara J.  Hummingbirds Cause Quite a Buzz at Ohio Park.  The Washington Post. Retrieved from the World Wide Web Sept. 18, 2009.


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