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Maximize Your Feeder's Winter Potential


Have you been seeing many birds at your feeders so far this winter? Well here are a few tips that will ensure the birds continue to flock to your yard as temperatures continue to drop.

  1. Larger capacity feeders will promise that there is enough food to go around. Because of the cold temperatures, there are less seeds to be found in nature. A large capacity feeder like the Perky-Pet® Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder, will allow multiple birds to feed at once. The triple tube feature also allows for serving three different types of seed, thus attracting a variety of species. winterfeeder
  2. Be consistent with keeping your feeders filled. Birds are instinctive creatures, and if they’re not getting consistent nutrition from a trusted source, you may find that your regular visitors come less frequently. However, if you’re leaving for vacation for a few weeks, don’t fret! Birds can adapt to finding different food sources. They will come back once you start supplying a regular supply of food again. It just may take a little longer for them to return and recognize your yard as an abundant food source.
  3. Offer fatty foods along with your normal seed choices. Birds need more calories in winter to keep their tiny bodies warm. Suet and peanut butter are the best high energy food sources that birds love. Hang feeders that offer both seed and suet, or spread some peanut butter on a pine cone and place it near your seed feeder. Your feather friends will be grateful for the extra treat!
  4. Water is an important addition! Many natural water sources are frozen from the subzero temperatures of winter. Birds need to find an alternative source for water somewhere other than lakes and ponds… why not make your backyard a destination for water seeking birds as well?
  5. If there’s snow on the ground, stamp down the snow under your feeder. The flattened area will allow the seed that falls from the feeder to rest on top of the snow. Ground feeding birds will provide birds with easier access to the seed without having to dig through deep snow?
  6. Cleanliness! As always, cleaning your feeders regularly is important. More birds tend to visit your feeders over the winter, so keeping them clean and the seed fresh is extra important. Cleaning the feeders every few weeks should be enough to prevent the seed from spoiling and keep your birds happy!

Following these simple tips should keep your yard the hot spot for the feathered community… even during the chilly months!

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