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Expert Tips

Find valuable tips and "know-hows" under this section.
Access tips from our own Birdfeeders.com's
panel of experts!


Expert Tips - Bird Feeding


This section is loaded with experts tips related to feeding birds. From setting up a bird feeder for the first time to types of seeds birds favor and more! more»


Expert Tips - Bird Watching


Bird watching is such a fascinating hobby!
With just a little knowledge about birds and our the Bird Watching 101
section, you'll be ready to begin scouting out the beautiful, amazing birds that inhabit our world. more»


Expert Tips - Protecting Birds


Birds may face dangers in their everyday lives both while eating, flying, or perching. This section is loaded with experts tips related to protecting the birds at your feeders from other aggressive birds as well as squirrels, rodents, and insects. more»










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