Hummingbird Feeder Accessories

Hummingbird feeders are the best way to get up close and personal with the gorgeous flying jewels of the bird world. Having the right hummingbird feeder accessories can make your experience that much more enjoyable. We offer many accessories for hummingbird feeders including bee guards, ant guards, cleaning supplies, hanging hooks and so much more.

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  • Perky-Pet® Foam Feeder Cleaning Mop

  • Perky Pet® Ant Guard®

  • Perky-Pet® 12” Metal Hook

  • Perky-Pet® Adjustable Railing Hook

  • Perky-Pet® 33 Inch Hanging Chain

  • Perky-Pet® Decorative Cardinal Hanging Hook

  • Perky-Pet® Decorative Beaded Hanging Hooks with Copper Finish

  • Perky-Pet® 23" Metal Hook

  • Perky-Pet® Decorative Butterfly Hanging Hook

  • Perky-Pet® Beaded Copper Hummingbird Swing

  • Perky-Pet® Decorative Sunflower Hanging Hook

  • Perky-Pet® Decorative Hummingbird Hanging Hook


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Hummingbird Feeder Accessory Options

Choosing the right hummingbird feeder accessory depends mostly on the type of hummingbird feeder you already have. Here we briefly describe a few types of accessories we offer and why they might work for you.

  • Bee Guards – Bees are the number one pest to hummingbird feeders. They are attracted to the same sugary nectar that your hummingbirds love. Bees have relatively short tongues, so bee guards extend the length of the port so that a bee’s tongue can’t reach the nectar. Hummingbirds have extremely long tongues, and they can still get into the port to drink, even with an attached bee guard.
  • Ant Guards – Ants are also attracted to the nectar in hummingbird feeders. They will journey a long way just to get a taste of sweetness. Adding an ant guard to the top of your feeder will prevent ants from crawling down the hanger and into the feeder. Inside the ant guard is a small permethrin disk that repels ants as soon as they get close. Ants will simply turn around and crawl back to where they came from once they get close to the ant guard.
  • Cleaning Mops – Hummingbird feeders have many small nooks and crannies that can be difficult to clean. Cleaning mops designed specifically for hummingbird feeders make this tough job much easier. Hummingbird feeder cleaning mops can get in all the tough places hands can’t reach to ensure your hummingbirds always have the cleanest feeders.
  • Hanging Hooks and Poles – Poles and hanging hooks for hummingbird feeders allow you to hang your feeder wherever you prefer. Some hanging hooks even come with decorative elements to give your hummingbird feeders extra style!