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Hummingbird Nectar

Hummingbird Nectar

Hummingbird nectar provides tiny hummingbirds with the energy they need to flutter around day after day. In nature, hummingbirds are attracted to nectar producing flowers that are rich in sucrose because they can most easily produce sucrose into energy. Our Perky-Pet® hummingbird nectar is made from 100% sucrose, which delivers the highest amount of energy to these acrobatic flyers. We offer hummingbird nectar in powder concentrate, liquid concentrate, and convenient ready-to-use options.


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Why Hummingbirds Love Nectar

A hummingbird’s diet consists of primarily insects and nectar. Hummingbirds spend a large amount of time flying, which in turn, uses a considerable amount of energy. They must then replace that energy by drinking nectar, a sugary solution with high amounts of sucrose for creating energy. In fact, hummingbirds need to consume up to 50% of their body weight in nectar each day in order to survive. That’s a lot of nectar!

When making nectar, it’s important to mimic the sucrose ratio that’s found naturally in flowers. If your nectar solution is too weak or too strong, hummingbirds will know and will not visit your feeder. If you’re making your own nectar, mix approximately 4-parts water with 1-part sugar. Or, if you’re using nectar concentrates, simply follow the mixing instructions on the packaging for the appropriate amount of solution needed.

Hummingbird nectar should be changed regularly and feeders should be cleaned often. If left out in the hot sun, nectar can spoil and hummingbirds will not drink from the feeder. Hummingbirds have a great memory, so you definitely want to be sure you are offering only fresh, clean nectar to them. That way, they will remember your house as the one offering tasty nectar and come back for years on end. Be sure you are cleaning your feeders every few days in moderate climates, and every day in hot climates.

Hummingbird Nectar Color Options


Hummingbirds are attracted to the vibrant colors of nectar producing flowers. These reds, purples, pinks, and blues may be beautiful to us, but to a hummingbird it signifies that they have high amounts of nectar ready for drinking. Hummingbird nectar offered in feeders does necessarily have to be red or any other vibrant color. As long as your hummingbird feeders are full of color, that should be plenty of brightness to signal to the nearby hummers that there is nectar for the taking.


Red Nectar - Hummingbirds are attracted by bright colors, which is why some hummingbird enthusiasts choose red nectar for their hummingbird feeders. Red nectar contains small amounts of red food coloring, giving it that red appearance.


Clear Nectar - Clear hummingbird nectar is dye-free and will attract hummingbirds just as well as red nectar. If you have enough bright colors on your hummingbird feeder, then clear nectar will work perfectly for attracting hummers.


Hummingbird Nectar Types


Perky-Pet® features a few different types of hummingbird nectars to choose from. Depending on if you are ok with mixing, or if you want ultra-convenience, we have a large supply to choose from. As always, all Perky-Pet® hummingbird nectars are made from 100% sucrose, providing the most energy to tiny hummers.


Powder Concentrate - Powder concentrate hummingbird nectar comes in convenient pouches that are easy for scooping and measuring. Use the handy mixing guide found on the bag to mix the exact amount of nectar needed for your feeders. There’s no boiling required with our powder concentrates, making it super quick and easy. If you make extra nectar, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Liquid Concentrate - Economical liquid concentrates can make up to four times the amount of concentrate in the bottle. Simply mix with water, and you’re ready to go with this vital source of energy hummingbirds need!


Ready-to-Use - If you’re looking for simple, then ready-to-use is the way to go! Our ready-to-use hummingbird nectars come premixed with the perfect sugar to water ratio. All you have to do is pour this nectar directly into your feeder, and you’re set to begin watching countless hours of hummingbird glory!


Premium Ready-to-Use - If you want to provide your hummingbirds with an extra boost of energy producing sucrose, our premium ready-to-use solutions are just what you need. With a slightly higher sugar to water ratio, ultra-energy hummingbird nectar provides even more wonderful sucrose to your hummers’ diet. This is sure to keep them coming back for more!