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wild bird food

Lyric® Wild Bird Seed

Lyric® Wild Bird Food is the preferred brand of backyard birders from coast to coast. They provide the finest natural ingredients, hand-crafted quality and specific mixes that attract more birds all year long. For generations now, Lyric® Wild Bird Food has provided America's 55 million+ backyard bird watchers a premium birding experience - and that takes a premium product. Birds know the difference. The hand-crafted, carefully selected ingredients attract the widest variety of birds while providing unparalleled nutrition.

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Sunflower, White & Gold Millet, Corn, Peanut and more
5 lb bag of Finch Food
(2) 5 lb bags of Straight Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
5 lb bag of Sunflower Hearts
3 lb bag of Nyjer® Thistle Seed
5 lb bag of Woodpecker Seed
5 lb bag of Shelled Peanuts for Birds
5 lb bag No-Mess Bird Seed Mix
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