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Garden Song® Scoop N’ Fill, Model 300-12
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Waterers and Accs., Garden Song® Scoop N’ Fill, 300-12
Garden Song® Scoop N’ Fill Garden Song® Scoop N’ Fill Garden Song® Scoop N’ Fill Garden Song® Scoop N’ Fill

Garden Song® Scoop N’ Fill

model #: 300-12
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Best Used For:
Scooping bird seed. Scooping out bird seed to put into your bird feeders has never been easier with this specially designed seed scoop. Bright yellow color! read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

Nice big scoop. Good strong material. Using this for filling cat litter box. The pointed scoop makes it easy to fill scoop and not push litter out of bucket onto floor.

  Amazon Review 

It is just what i needed! I have been using random scoops or tupperware to dole out my birdseed and this does the trick. Shaped perfectly so no spillage.

  Amazon Review 

Very good buy. I use this scoop to fill the bird feeders and to transfer seed from the big bags to smaller, making it easier to carry outside.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

This is a great product. Durable and strong, it will last a lifetime. I use it for filling a bird feeder and the size is perfect.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I have had several seed scoops over the years and this one works best because it had a pointed corner for pouring with least amount of spill. Good size too. I use it with sunflower seed and safflower seed.



23" length
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