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Perky-Pet® Quick Fill Seed Scoop, Model 342
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Waterers and Accs., Perky-Pet® Quick Fill Seed Scoop, 342
Perky-Pet® Quick Fill Seed Scoop Perky-Pet® Quick Fill Seed Scoop Perky-Pet® Quick Fill Seed Scoop Perky-Pet® Quick Fill Seed Scoop

Perky-Pet® Quick Fill Seed Scoop

model #: 342
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Filling any bird seed feeder. This large, sturdy scoop has many features that make filling all of your bird seed feeders a quick and easy task. Use as a scoop or a funnel! read full product details »  

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  Amazon Review 

No spills, no messes and the bird seed goes right where we want it to. No complaints here at all.

  Amazon Review 

We bought this scoop to replace the one we previously had, which was either lost or destroyed (possibly chewed by squirrels? I can't remember). Anyway, it works great and is fun and easy for our 5 year old son to use and help fill the feeders. Highly recommended!

  Review Posted on HomeDepot.com 

This product is nifty! It's simple to use and makes filling my many different sized feeders so easy to do. Just scoop as much as it will hold then control the flow with the slider on the funnel end. I love it and would recommend it to anyone that loves to feed our feathered friends, especially those who would value the time they could spend watching the birds above the time they spend messing with a variety of equipment filling feeders. This is worth more to me than the few dollars it costs. It would be a bargain at 3 times the price.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

While I thought I was getting a great deal on 6 scoops I only received one scoop in the mail. I sent an email that asked if the "pack of 6" was incorrect or if I misunderstood the written description. The quick email back stated, "I am sorry, our listing is for only one scoop. I am going to refund you in full."

I love this product and it makes for easier fillings of bird feeders, chicken feeders, and other feeds that I need to use a scoop for. I bought similar scoop at Walmart years ago and have never found them in any local stores since. I paid originally 1.99 for the scoop at Walmart and it still works great even after daily use. While the price for the scoop is ok...after shipping it's really not worth it for one scoop. I would not have bought had I known it was just 1 scoop.

I was pleased with the quick response from the seller...but still would have been ecstatic with 6 of these!



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