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Perky Pet® Baffler And Repellent Kit, Model #B340-2
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Waterers and Accs., Perky Pet® Baffler and Repellent Kit, B340-2
Perky Pet® Baffler and Repellent Kit Perky Pet® Baffler and Repellent Kit Perky Pet® Baffler and Repellent Kit Perky Pet® Baffler and Repellent Kit

Perky Pet® Baffler and Repellent Kit

model #: B340-2
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Best Used For:
Blocking squirrels from gaining access to bird feeders. Don't let those sneaky little squirrels raid your bird feeders - this squirrel baffler and repellent combo helps prevent them from raiding your bird feeders. read full product details »  

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  Critter Ridder vs. Racoons 

I am a volunteer working with the nesting Loggerhead turtles on Harbor Island, SC. We had a large racoon invasion problem on our nesting beach last summer. The racoons destroyed one too many nests and I looked to granular Critter Ridder for a possible solution to the problem.


We sprinkled Critter Ridder on and around the nests (we had 26 nests last season). The granuals were still visable after many rain storms throughout the summer and it significantly decreased the racoon invasions of the nests.


I can safely say that Critter Ridder deterred the invasions and we will be using it again this turtle season.  Thank you, Critter Ridder

  Great Stuff! 

This worked great. Neighbors have cats who loved using our
landscaping for litter boxes. While this was effective, there was not ONE area where they moved mulch and dug out a potty! We knew right away when we had to reapply. Keeps us on good terms with our neighbors.



2 lb. seed capacity
$36  $32.95 Sale
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