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Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed™ Bird Waterer, Model B737W
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Waterers and Accs., Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed™ Bird Waterer, B737W
Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed™ Bird Waterer Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed™ Bird Waterer Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed™ Bird Waterer Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed™ Bird Waterer

Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed™ Bird Waterer

model #: B737W
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Providing fresh, clean water to wild birds. A water source in your backyard is a simple and effective way of attracting wild birds. Water attracts species that you may not see at your seed feeder. read full product details »  

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  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I couldn't be more happy with this product. It is very attractive and well built. The design allows each receptacle to contain either seed (or by flipping it upside down) water. My birds don't seem to be drinking the water though perhaps they will as we get deeper into summer and natural water sources get harder to find. If they don't take an interest in it by then, I'll have the option to put seed on both sides. I can even experiment with two different kinds of seeds to see what attracts which type of bird. The curlicue fixture from which these hang gives the entire thing a little bit of movement, like the balance of a scale, which may help to dissuade squirrels or other undesirables from getting into your birdseed. I used an angle bracket to mount mine to the side of an arbor rather than hang it from above. My cats and I are thoroughly enjoying the all day bird show. Now to find a source for the 50lb bags of birdseed I'm going to need....

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

This Birdscapes Bird Feeder is the perfect thing for our Desert garden! We hang it in the shade because of the HEAT in oue area and birds of all sizes love it. Having read that the BEST way to attract wild life in our hot, dry climate is to provide WATER, we fill both sides with water - but you could just as easily fill one or both sides with birdseed. And its very attractively made, so is a nice addition to our backyard. Also, because there are TWO silos, it needs filling less often. Recommended.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I love this feeder. Since I had it and hung it on a branch in my backyard, I've really enjoyed watching the birds and occasionally, squirrels. Easy to assemble and fill. Just need to do it upside down and remember to get the small grain birdseeds. Work as expected and good looking too.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

This was easy to set up. It attracted birds almost immediately after we placed it on a tree limb. It also attracts squirrels. It is fascinating to watch the squirrels hang from their tails and do other contortions to get to the seed. If it weren't for them eating or knocking out the seed onto the ground it would be a fun show.

We have watched birds wait patiently on higher branches as others eat and fly off. And there are so many colorful ones.

The only issue we have with this and it is really a minor issue .. is that the water portion seems a waste. We have not seen any bird or squirrel taking a drink. Perhaps if the weather were hot for days with no rain that would be different. We are toying with adding seed to both containers.

This is a first-rate product and has brought us new found visitors to our back yard. Easy to set up, easy to refill and definitely attractive to winged friends and bushy tailed ones too.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I'd been using a cheap bird feeder from a super store and the poor starlings couldn't ever get any food. Then I got this dual feeder. I decided to do seed in both sides (you can flip the container to whichever opening you prefer, food or water) and I hang a metal basket of suet in the middle. From the basket of suet I have a hanging basket of flowers. This entire setup is supporting that huge, heavy basket of flowers. The starlings show up and have absolutely no problem perching themselves to gorge. The only time I had a problem was when a fat starling sat on the feeder and it broke with him on it. I ran out pretty disappointed in the product until I discovered that it had only just become unscrewed, so I screwed it back in and we were back in business!

There are notches in both the top and the bottom perches, but the plastic bottle actually has only one opening, which makes it easy to use with water. Nebraska is just too windy to fill these things with water, though.

It's been holding up to thunderstorms and wind quite well. It's very elegant and the design of the hanger makes it easy for short people like me to place it in higher areas.

Should something happen to this one, I would be sure to replace it with the same make and model.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I am happy with this feeder. It is plastic, but then that makes it lighter than glass and it doesn't break when it gets knocked to the ground by wind/squirrels/raccoons/bears (I have them all). There are no squirrel proof features, but grey squirrels find the base too small to be comfortable and red ones can get the seed out without having to chew and thus ruin the feeder.

For me the water side is more decoration than necessary. I live in a cold area and on water. When it is warm enough for the feeder to hold water rather than ice, the birds can get water from our lake. I was happy to see that the feeders can easily be reversed to hold either water or seed. I have one of each now as it looks great this way, but in the winter I can switch both to seed.

The seed section is not appropriate for fine seed like thistle, but works well for sunflower or mixes. They are very easy to fill.

I am very happy with this feeder and will keep it in mind when shopping for gifts.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

Item arrived perfectly from amazon. Unpacked with ease, filled it with seed, and found a tree to hang it from. The next day the squirrels and birds were having a war of the seeds! Its a very nice looking feeder, and seems like it will last a season or three. Ill report back soon on the outcome of the war and who won.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

We had this bird-feeder set up in no time and it looks great. We hung it on a tree in the backyard. The birds really love it, they are eating up the seed so fast it is hard to keep it filled!

We haven't had any complaints about it so far and everyone that has seen it thinks it is nice.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

My Sip & Seed feeder came assembled. The sides of the silos have a pretty design on them and the copper-look hanger is very pretty. The nifitiness (is that a word) of this feeder came into play when I decided to put water in one silo & seed in the other. The top & bottom pieces can be reversed. One piece has small holes in it; of course this piece is for the seed. The other piece is solid, no holes, for water. There's also a tiny, hard-to-see, embossed emblem on each piece; one emblem depicts water, the other a seedling. Because mine was assembled, I had to take it apart to get the top & bottom pieces in the right place.

After we fill the silo with water, we carry it upside down. Otherwise all the water would spill out. Then we flip it to hang it on our shepherd's hook. We always lose water when we flip it over, but it doesn't bother us. The silo's seed holes are fairly large, but some fruit pieces got stuck anyway. The next time we filled it, we used a smaller seed mixture. I think a mischievous squirrel has been busy getting to the seed. I haven't seen him yet, but the water container has been emptied twice in 24 hours. I think he's tipping it when he tries for the seed.

My husband doesn't have any complaints with the sip & feeder. I'd prefer being able to sit the silos down while filling or even after they're filled. Because of the design they won't sit flat, making them a little more inconvenient to use. That's about the only problem we have with this bird feeder right now. We had a bad storm the first night we hung it. I'm happy to report that the water drained out of the seed tray.

Birdscapes 737 Garden Sip & Seed Feeder is so attractive, we put it in our front yard.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

What a good idea. Having a bird feeder with two silos to have water and seed available right next to each other. Birdscapes excuted the idea well where birds have been flocking to it and it adds a nice elegant touch to our porch.

It actually looks better in person. The tops of each feeder have a two-tone design dark brown and a copper color. Plus you have scroll work everyone. In the hanger and it is echoes on the sides of the silo. Food and water are easy to put in. Perhaps my one complaint is that the bird landing could have been bigger. Larger birds or more than 2 at a time find it hard to use this feeder.

But I gave it 5 stars because birds have been using it more than our other feeders, I like having 2 silos, and it probably one of the best looking feeders I have ever had. Recommended.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

First let me tell you that the Birdscapes 737 Garden Sip & Seed Feeder is beautiful! That said I have no idea how long it will stay beautiful as I do not know the quality or corrosion resistance used in constructing the rod iron hanger of this unit. [I know the feeders themselves are made of plastic - but that will last and will not rust]. I don't know if the hanger is just steel (that will rust) that is coated with a brass look-a-like coating that will chip or wear off with exposure to sun and rain in one season. So time will tell me whether this product will last. Right now it looks like a million bucks!!! The only negative thing to say is it is a little balancing act in filling and hanging the water and seed feeders. Did my best but I did get some water on me and spilled some seeds on my first attempt. But I can't juggle more than two balls in the air at one time, so I will learn how to fill the units and spill less over time. Again, my fingers are crossed on the durability of the product. I bought coated potted plant hangers (that had birds welded on to the hanger and looked great) from Walmart a few years ago and today all that is left of them are pieces of rusty twisted metal that cannot be used to hang anything. We'll see. So until time passes and weather does its thing on these feeders I will take a leap of faith and give it 5 stars for being so darn beautiful.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I got this bird feeder/waterer yesterday, and I was immediately pleased with how the feeders looked!
The containers are plastic so they are durable but they do still look very nice.
Does not look cheap at all!
The design would look great in any yard and the bird will love you for it!
I hung it in my front yard from a shepherd hook and within 10 minutes the feeder had birds flocking to it!
Within the past day the feeder is about a quarter empty and I looked under the feeder and there is only a few pieces of food under-- and thats probably from the birds dropping it- because I have had feeders in the past and majority of the food ends up on the ground!
I really like this feeder and with it hanging on the shepherd hook I havent seen any squirrels trying to feed from it!
It rained this morning and the food inside stayed dry as well!
I will be buying one of these for my mother and mother in law!
Very nice!

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I love my new Birdscape bird feeders.

The bird feeders are beautiful. They look like they're made of metal and glass, but they are mostly made of plastic. The metal parts are the hanger, the hooks and finials, and the decorative plates on the ends. Despite all the plastic, they don't look cheap.

The feeders are heavy when full. They actually bend my shepherd's hook. It's a double hook, so I balance it out with a hummingbird feeder on the other side. I also have a single hook shepherd's hook, but they would make that bow.

The bird feeders are versatile. They change from water feeder to seed feeder by flipping the clear plastic tube. One could have two seed feeders, two water feeders, or a seed and a water feeder.

I am very happy with this feeder. Now, my backyard is complete.


UPDATE: I just want to add that the birds love the feeder. They jump back and forth from water to seed. They are messy eaters and seeds get all over the ground and somehow travel from the seed feeder into the water dish. I thought it was a lot of seeds to start, but those seeds go fast (gone in two days) so stock up.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

This is a sturdy and attractive feeder/water combo. The food/water cylinders are made from a plastic that feels pretty heavy duty. The metal parts are a burnished copperish color. You can either fill the cylinders with a seed and a water or 2 seeds/2 waters. I have multiple bird baths in my yard so I decided to put feed in both cylinders as opposed to a water cylinder. I hung it out in our courtyard this afternoon and already had evening grossbeaks and Bullock's oriels mobbing the feeder.

I love the hanging mechanism which allows for hanging the feeder on a nail, hook, or small diameter branch. There is plenty of space on both feeders for the birds to comfortably sit and eat. It is fun to watch the birds sitting on two feeders so close together. There were eight or nine birds eating at any one time. The unit was very easy to open and fill. This is a lovely unit and a great addition to the 14 other feeders I already use in my yard!

  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

I have not tried the water part yet.  It's snowing here and would freeze. So we put seed in both sides and looks great hanging in the tree outside the kitchen window.  The birds are very happy to have seed to eat and 2 platforms to pick from.

  Really nice but not as nice as the copper/glass feeder 

I like these waterers, too but I am giving them a 4 instead of a five because the top and bottom are made of plastic that has already cracked on mine. The wildlife at my home can be quite rough on my feeders, etc., and the racoons have already torn the top of one of these. I can still use it, though because these are 'reversible' in that you have two sized feeding/watering lids to choose from. I also don't feel the watering bin is large enough. It only holds a tiny bit of water and if the wind blows, it blows out the water. I fill these and then with a cup of water, add some more to the bin to 'top' it off. Still nice and effective, though.

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


JULY 02, 2012

Thank you for your very thorough reviews of the Perky-Pet® Copper Sip & Seed Bird Feeder (model 389) and Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed Bird Feeder (model 737). Your feedback is appreciated. We are delighted to hear that overall both you and the birds have been enjoying these waterers.


Your Perky-Pet® Garden Sip & Seed Bird Feeder (model 737) should not have cracked like this! All Perky-Pet® products are backed by a one year warranty. We would be happy to work with you to make this right. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973). We look forward to hearing from you!

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


  Review Posted on Amazon.com 

These are very pretty and will look nice anywhere. Birds appear to like them also. They are light weight but appear to be solidly made. Easy to fill, the connections are good. They are plastic. Filled they balance nicely on the hanger. They came in a nice box that would make them a nice gift.



22 oz. water capacity
8 lb. seed capacity
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