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Bird Houses

Bird Houses

Bird houses provide a place for birds to safely build a nest. A bird house will protect the nest and eggs from treacherous weather and predators that might be nearby. Our bird houses are constructed with quality materials, ensuring they will last season after season. Enhance your bird watching experience by adding a bird house along with your backyard bird feeders.


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Cedar bird house
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Bird House Materials

Bird houses are typically constructed with a durable wood like cedar, cypress, or pine. Wood is an excellent choice for a bird house because it has tremendous insulating qualities while still providing great air circulation. It’s also a great choice because it will naturally camouflage bird houses with the trees, giving them a greater chance of going unnoticed by predators.


Cedar is a popular material selection for wood bird houses because it does not require any painting or staining. Cedar is simply weather-proof on its own. Bird houses should never be made of metal because the hot sun will heat the metal causing the inside of the bird house to become unbearably hot for the birds.


Wrens are known to raise more than one brood in a season. It’s not necessary to clean out the bird house after each egg has hatched because wrens will simply build a new nest on top of the old nest for raising their new family. However, it’s important to clean out the bird house at the end of each breeding season to prevent parasites or other creatures from invading the nest.


Clean bird houses can also be kept out in the winter months to provide shelter for non-migratory birds that might stick around in cold weather.