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Feeder Setting

Bird Feeder Poles and Hanging Hardware

Bird feeder poles give you the ultimate flexibility on where to hang your bird feeder. Place your poles in a location where you can easily view your bird feeder to watch countless hours of birds gathering at your feeders. Bird feeders can either be mounted directly to the pole or hung from a hook on the pole. Birdfeeders.com is your one stop shop for everything you need for an enjoyable bird feeding experience.

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7 foot steel pole
Extends to 36 inches high
23 inch length
33 Inch Hanging Chain
Holds up to 35 lb
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Benefits to Hanging a Bird Feeder from a Pole


There are several benefits to hanging bird feeders from poles. A few of these benefits include:

  • Always having your feeder in full view. By hanging your bird feeder from a pole, you have the opportunity to place the feeder where it is convenient for you. Whether you like to sit on your porch to watch the birds, or gaze at them through your living room window, your options are limitless on the placement of your bird feeder.
  • Protect your seed from squirrels. Squirrels will use anything they can climb onto to get at your bird feeders. By mounting or hanging bird feeders from a pole, you can place feeders in a strategic location away from anything squirrels may use as a launching pad. Be sure to place feeders at least 10 feet from the nearest roof, tree, or fence for optimal protection.
  • Choose a spot with easy access for refilling and cleaning. Bird feeders need to be refilled and cleaned often. Bird feeder poles allow you to place your feeder in a spot you can easily access, making it uncomplicated for you to get the feeder down when it’s time for cleaning.