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Gift Ideas, Iron Stop® Electric Motor - 30 RPM, 8020
Iron Stop® Electric Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop® Electric Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop® Electric Motor - 30 RPM Iron Stop® Electric Motor - 30 RPM

Iron Stop® Electric Motor - 30 RPM

model #: 8020
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Best Used For:
Supplying power to your wind spinner to make it spin it spin even if there is no breeze! This electric motor spins at 30 RPM which is the perfect speed to admire the wind spinner. read full product details »  

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Iron Stop® Electric Motor - 30 RPM


A brilliant accessory to the wind spinner. This Iron Stop® Electric Motor - 30 RPM is the perfect speed to admire the wind spinner. This motor also makes for a great wind replacement when hanging your wind spinner indoors.




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  Amazon Review - Motor 

This is my 3rd motor, I Love It. It's on my balkony turning my spinner.

Greetings, Plumbum

  Amazon Review - It's been running for weeks! 

This has been running on our deck outside for weeks now... very reliable. We have a mobile attached to it that really shows it off when it's rotating.

  Amazon Review - Very satisfied! 

I have this wind spinner motor connected up to a 3-D spinner on the front porch. I plugged it into the ceiling receptacles we use during Christmas and can turn it off and on with an inside-the-house switch. I can't depend on the wind to turn the spinner, but I can depend on this little motor. The cold weather doesn't seem to affect it. We live in Colorado, so it gets pretty cold out there. I've never had it hesitate in starting up. I've had it a few months now and it performs flawlessly. I doubt if it was designed to last a long, long time, but at the price, you can buy a couple of them and have one in reserve. Sounds like a commercial for these things, but it's the truth.

  Amazon Review - It works! 

This wind spinner motor seems to work well. I haven't used it much yet, so I can't comment on the durability of the item. The cord is approximately 48" long and the on/off switch is quite close to the motor itself. Since this is going up somewhere high, I can not reach the switch and the cord is too short. I have added a switch to a different extension cord and am using this in conjunction with the motor and cord assembly. Problem solved.



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