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Gift Ideas, Perky-Pet® Round Glass Hummingbird Feeder Set, BHB8
Perky-Pet® Round Glass Hummingbird Feeder Set Perky-Pet® Round Glass Hummingbird Feeder Set Perky-Pet® Round Glass Hummingbird Feeder Set Perky-Pet® Round Glass Hummingbird Feeder Set

Perky-Pet® Round Glass Hummingbird Feeder Set

model #: BHB8
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A suitable set for a any hummingbirder! Highlighted in this set is our Perky-Pet® 10 oz. capacity Round Glass Hummingbird Feeder - small, yet perfect for anyone who loves the hobby. read full product details »  

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  Review Posted on Amazon.com July 22, 2011
Reviewer: Fisher

Several years ago I purchased an attractive hummingbird feeder made by Opus, called the Garden Ballet Hummingbird Feeder Mobile. After many seasons of use and enjoyment, the feeder's three hanging nectar containers were in need of being replaced. When I contacted the company a few weeks ago, I learned that particular model of feeder was no longer being made, and was told that no similar replacement containers were available. However, I was unwilling to give up on my beloved feeder so readily.

After a lengthy online search, I found this Garden Jewels 10 oz. glass feeder. In size, shape and structure, it is quite similar to the nectar containers I was attempting to replace, with a simply designed clear glass storage vessel and a red plastic thread-on bottom with feeding port. I ordered three, and I'm pleased to report that they arrived quickly and safely via one of Amazon's featured merchants. They fit perfectly on my mobile and function exactly as the originals did for so long, in addition to looking great. And the most important result is that they are a big hit with our resident hummers!

All in all, I am quite pleased with this purchase. I'm even considering buying an extra set of these to set aside for the future, so I won't have to worry about finding replacements for these somewhere down the road. This feeder serves my purposes perfectly, and I'd think it would work as a stand alone feeder just as well. I've not had these long enough to speak to their durability, but they appear to be every bit as sturdy as my originals, which lasted for several years.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com July 09, 2011
Reviewer: L. Barlow

Makes a lovely feeder for our backyard hummingbirds. I attached it to a 16-inch beaded wire. I've ordered 2 more as gifts. Also, there's no place for bigger birds to land and attempt to feed, so they're no longer a problem.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com June 09, 2010
Reviewer: Sally

This is a great little hummingbird feeder. And I stress "little." So many of the feeders out there are too large for those of us who have only a few hummingbirds coming to our feeders. This feeder holds just enough nectar to last the 3-5 days (depending on the temperature) that you can safely leave nectar out. Then it can be cleaned and refilled quickly and easily. I have had this feeder for at least 5 years and love it. I'm hunting for another as a gift for a friend.

  Review Posted on Amazon.com October 24, 2008
Reviewer: Debby

I have several feeders and this one is more attractive than the others. The birds love it and it looks nice hanging with the others from my patio roof. It does not leak and is easy to fill.



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