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Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder With Free Nectar, Model # 209B | Birdfeeders.Com
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Hummingbird Feeders, Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar, 209B
Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar

Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar

model #: 209B
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  • Easy to fill wide mouth opening
  • Base comes apart for easy cleaning
  • Built in bee guards and ant moat
  • Free instant nectar packet
  • 30 oz. nectar capacity
  • 6 feeding stations

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Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Free Nectar


The delightful hummingbird is a mesmerizing sight to see. Easily attract hummingbirds to your yard with the Perky-Pet® “Our Best” Glass Hummingbird Feeder. The feeder promises hours of hummingbird-watching pleasure--perfect for any age bird watchers.

30-Ounce Capacity & 6 Feeding Stations - Holding up to 30 ounces of nectar, this hummingbird feeder features a durable transparent glass bottle with a wide mouth opening for easy filling and cleaning. It's bright-red plastic top and base offer visual appeal while catching the attention of hummingbirds. The feeder's design also includes six feeding stations, each with a built-in bright-yellow, flower-shaped bee guard to protect the nectar supply. The feeder comes with a circular perch all the way around the base of the feeder for birds to rest upon, along with a built-in ant moat on the top of the feeder (simply fill with water to keep ants away).

Easy to Clean - Keep the feeder clean and filled with fresh nectar to ensure return visits from hungry hummingbirds. In addition to its wide mouth opening, this hummingbird feeder's base comes apart to ensure convenient access and thorough cleaning. Perky-Pet® recommends cleaning the hummingbird feeder at least twice a week, more often in very warm climates or seasons. 


Our Best Glass Hummingbird Feeder with Nectar
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Hummingbirds love:

  • Bright red feeding ports
  • Wrap-around perch to sit and dine
  • Bee guard and ant moat to keep nectar all for the hummingbirds
  • Consistently clean feeder filled with nectar

You'll love:

  • Pure enjoyment and relaxation watching hummingbirds feeding right outside your window
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of filling
  • Stylish look, this feeder will add to your yard





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Perky-Pet® Hummingbird Feeders lure birds in pursuit of sweet nectar—providing you with hours of joy as beautiful Hummingbirds flock to your feeders.


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Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

This is by far the best hummingbird feeder from every aspect. Compared to other models I use there is No Waste Of Time! Easiest and quickest dismantling, cleaning, and reassembly. The "Perky-Pet 209B" attracts the largest number of Hummingbirds and is simply put "Excellent, Outstanding, Superb"!

  Amazon Review 

This feeder attracted many humming birds. Well pleased with feeder and it is very easy to clean.

  Amazon Review 

Have had these before, and just wanted to add more to my supply .... these are an improved design, SO MUCH EASIER to clean the lower portion .... great improvement in design. Larger opening is convenient also. Had hubby make longer 'S' hook for me, for hanging, as the one that comes with the feeder is a bit too small, to manipulate for hanging, in my particular circumstances. Would not buy any other brand or style; well made, holds a lot, contents very visible in glass, and lasts for years!!

  Amazon Review 

I had to buy a second one so I didn't have to fill every day. This one is far better than the first one. The large opening makes it so much easier to clean. Highly recommend it.

  Amazon Review 

This is the best hummingbird feeder I have found.
Easy to clean, easy to fill and transport and hang.
Has enough ports and a perch ring to boot.
Has a built in ant moat on the top (but that needs to be firmly screwed on to not leak) We don't have a problem with yellow jackets or bees so the little yellow ports are good and easier to clean.

  Best Feeder Yet 

I decided to order 5 of the new Glass Hummingbird Feeders after using the "old" 30oz glass feeders for many years. They are made with all the bells and whistles that have been needed for a while. The top works really well and is easily hung with a larger "S" hook rather than the one provided. The large mouth bottle is easily filled without the use of a funnel. My favorite feature is the fact that the base comes apart and is so easy to wash. The hummers warmed up to the bee guard flowers very quickly, and I have definitely noticed a decline in bees trying to get the nectar. I was so thrilled with the feeders that I ordered 5 more. I usually have 5-6 out and like to rotate them so extras are better in my opinion.
I definitely recommend this feeder.

  Amazon Review 

Nice improvements over previous models. Easy to fill and easier to clean.

  Amazon Review 

Just the perfect size.

  Amazon Review 

Was very happy with the perky-pet hummingbird feeders. They are so easy to clean that I will replace all my feeds with this kind.
So yes they are the best I've found, I give them five stars.

  Amazon Review 

The feeder is easy to clean, has ant moat, bees can't get the nectar, and the Hummingbirds like it... What more does a hummingbird lover want? If your feeder starts to leak, do what I do on every feeder I have had: first try plumber's tape (can get it at any discount store). That usually does the trick for me! If it doesn't work, then apply plumbers putty to the leaking problem. Really a cheap fix and will keep your feeder leak free for quite a long time. I have even applied electrical tape to a couple of feeders I have had in the past. That kept the problem at bay for a very long time. Really there are many ways to fix a leak in a hummingbird feeder... the main thing I look for is: ease of cleaning and filling, protection from bees and ants, and upward feeding stations to keep the wind from slinging nectar. I like this feeder! If it happens to develop a leak at a later time, I will figure out a simple fix and keep it and like it for a much longer time.

  Amazon Review, Simple Is Still Best 

Perky-Pet makes all sorts of hummingbird feeders, but I think this simple style is one of their best designs. This is a new model, but it has all the important features I look for in a quality hummingbird feeder--glass, easy hanging (S hook), durability and no leakage. I like this particular feeder because the wide mouth makes cleaning and filling easy, the base separates in half (again for easy cleaning) and it has built in bee guards and an ant moat. Most important, hummingbirds like it. We have over ten different feeders hanging around the yard, and it's obvious which ones are preferred. Their favorite feeders aren't the fanciest or most expensive, but they all resemble this fundamental glass tube style.

Skip the decorative feeders that look nice but attract few birds, and get back to basics. This 30 oz. model feeds a lot of hummingbirds. If your yard only has a few birds, I recommend a smaller Perky-Pet model with similar features, like Birdscapes 279 Deluxe Rose Petal 12-ounce Glass Hummingbird Feeder. It only holds 12 oz and doesn't have a base that separates, but it's still easy to clean and hummingbirds around here swarm to those too.


Recently purchased 4 of these. Cleaning is a joy compared to the older 30 ounce models. Filling was neat & clean with the big mouth glass jar. It only took my hummers a couple minutes to figure out the new bee guard feeding ports. The enclosed "S" hook does not work on my shepard's staff so I used the old vinyl coated wire hangers from the retired feeders. We're in business, 17 Perky Pet feeders and a bazillion hummers.

  Amazon Review 

I was a little disappointed that the base was plastic, but the container is glass and the price is reasonable so I thought I would give it a shot. Not sure what it is about this design but the humming birds love it. The location where i hung it had been the location of the mostly ignore by humming birds spot, but now they pass over their once favored spot/feeder for this one.

  Amazon Review 

I now have two Perky-Pet feeders (this and the 210PB) and am impressed. The glass container appears to be to be made of good glass, a nice sealed top to ensure that the vacuum required to keep the nectar in the feeder does not rely on how tightly the top is screwed on. Additionally, the fact that it's made of glass means it can be run through the dishwasher (though we always do a few rinses afterwards to be sure there are no leftover chemicals). The ant moat addition has, in our experience, worked quite well (though to be honest, keeping the ants off in the first place is the best practice). The little perches, however, are not something I'm overly find of. Rather than "T" perches, this is a molded piece that runs the circumference of the feeder. On ours, we received it with one of the plastic "wires" broken, and several others bent, presumably from poor packaging. While not a deal-breaker, it certainly detracts from the "presentation," especially if intended as a gift. We simply cut off the broken "wire" and tried to bend the other back into reaosnable shape. Others might not wish to do so. That said, the sheer quantity of nectar this holds makes up for it somewhat (it's nice to be able to go a week between changes). All in all, the feeder does what it's supposed to do, and does it well. The construction is solid (aside from the perch assembly), it looks nice, and, most importantly, the hummingbirds love it. Definitely pleased with Perky-Pet!

  Review on new improved feeder 

I love the new design. With that being said I have to say I was disappointed to see the feeders leaking. I came to Perky Pets page to read other reviews and notice only one other review stated their's feeder leaked too. I wonder if customers just don't notice them leaking because they put the feeders on sheppards hooks over grass for the most part. Mine I hung on the patio over tile so I noticed right away that they were leaking. I do have to rave about Perky Pets customer service. They were very understanding and accommodating. Perky Pets really cares about their customers and for that reason I will continue to do business with them. My sincerest thank you to Perky Pets.

Perky-Pet Consumer Relations Team


APRIL 20, 2015

Hello Linda,

Thank you for sharing this feedback on the new design of this feeder. We are happy to hear how well you like it. We apologize that the feeder was leaking in this manner and will use this experience in our quality control process. We hope that the new feeders work well for you! Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-855-PERKYPET (1-855-737-5973) with any additional questions.

Best Regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation

  Amazon Review 

This is an okay feeder. It's pretty and the birds like it well enough. However, it doesn't stay as clean as my other feeders; even though I clean them ALL regularly and change the water, this one always has ants and leaks while the other feeders do not. This would not be my top pick to purchase again. I would definitely choose the Perky Pet Elegant Glass Hummingbird Feeder---that one is my favorite and doesn't experience the same messy problems that this one does!



120 oz. Total Nectar Capacity
$76  $56.97 Sale
48 oz. Nectar Capacity
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