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Acrylic Hummingbird Feeders

Plastic Hummingbird Feeders

Attracting magnificent hummingbirds has never been easier than with a plastic hummingbird feeder. Plastic hummingbird feeders are a functional and affordable way to attract these tiny, iridescent splendors to your yard! Browse our huge selection of bottom fill, top fill, and large capacity plastic hummingbird feeders below.


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Why Choose a Plastic Hummingbird Feeder

Plastic hummingbird feeders are lightweight and protect against breakage if they should fall. However, plastic feeders should be placed in a location that is out of the sun to prevent them from warping or discoloring over time.

Plastic Hummingbird Feeder Styles


Traditional Bottom Fill - Plastic bottom fill hummingbird feeders hold nectar in an inverted reservoir that is attached to a tray. This inversion creates a vacuum seal to hold the nectar in the reservoir and only dispense what nectar is needed into the tray. Typically, the tray is covered with a lid to prevent dirt and debris from entering, and it has tiny port openings where the hummingbirds can drink from. Perky-Pet® offers a few large capacity bottom fill hummingbird feeders, holding up to 48 ounces of nectar! That’s a lot of nectar to feed a lot of hungry hummingbirds!


Top Fill - Top fill hummingbird feeders are easy to fill and simple to clean. There is no need to remove the entire bottle to fill these feeders. Simply unscrew the top cap, pour nectar into the wide-mouth top opening, and you’re ready to go! The expertly designed float mechanism within the feeder base allows only the necessary amount of nectar to be dispensed on demand.


Dish - Plastic dish hummingbird feeders hold nectar in a covered saucer. The large surface area of these plastic feeders allow for up to 6 hummingbirds to feed at one time. These feeders are versatile and can be hung, pole mounted, or even attached to a window for optimal viewing! The wide opening of the dish makes cleaning and refilling stress-free.