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Window Mount Hummingbird Feeders

Window Mounted Hummingbird Feeders

Enjoy hours of hummingbird watching with our window hummingbird feeders.  These easy to use bottom-fill hummingbird feeders allow you to watch hummingbirds from inside your home! Feeders attach to windows with suction cups for easy installation.

Hummingbird window feeders come in glass or plastic options, and pair well with our dye-free Hummingbird nectar!

Our window feeders are easy to fill and have been attracting hummingbirds for more than 50 years. Fill them with our Perky-Pet® Instant Nectar for best results. Use a Perky-Pet® Cleaning Mop to help clean your window feeder at least twice a week.

Check out our Hummingbird Migration page to find out when hummingbirds will be flying through your area. We also have a hummingbird library for more tips and information.

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