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Oriole Feeders, Opus® Oriole Feeder, 467-3
Opus® Oriole Feeder Opus® Oriole Feeder Opus® Oriole Feeder Opus® Oriole Feeder

Opus® Oriole Feeder

model #: 467-3
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Attracting and feeding orioles. With its patented bee guard, ant moat, and no drip design, this bright orange feeder will make the orioles happy -- and you, too! read full product details »  

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Opus® Oriole Feeder


Opus® Oriole Feeder

Enjoy hours of watching the delightful orioles as they feast at one of theses bright orange plastic oriole bird feeders.


The Opus® Oriole Feeder has a 16 oz. nectar capacity, 4 perches, a no-drip design, a built-in ant moat and a patented bee guard to keep bees out while birds feed. Oriole bird feeders may be hung or pole mounted.


Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution.



Opus® ORIOLE feeders - Great features and value for your customers to discover the wonders and beauty of orioles

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All About Orioles

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Although there are several different kinds of orioles, they all have certain aspects that make them very recognizable -- especially the bright coloring of the male orioles.


Find out more about the beautiful and colorful Oriole.

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  No More Bees! 

Purchased this feeder to eliminate the bee problem with our other oriole feeders. Within two weeks the bees that numbered hundreds are gone. We have nine of these feeders out now as we have a lot of orioles. We withdrew our other feeders so they had no choice but to feed on these which they did and are doing. These get emptied every other day now. We have an ant guard (gooey kind)like we use for our hummer feeders so no ants. BTW, the hummers are actually feeding on these feeders too, but still prefer their Perky Pet ones by far.

The bees can't feed from these (previously more than half of our liquid was consumed by bees) as the liquid is down and away instead of right at the feeder port. A bee can't get down inside to feed like other feeders or if they do (none have so far) they cannot get out and dead men tell no tales so the rest of the nest never shows up.

Out of nine of the feeders - some fit together better than others. A few leak, but not terribly and not consistently. Depends on high you fill them and how heavy the bird as they do tilt. Temperature may also affect them.

Overall, If I were making these I would design more of a tighter Tupperware type of seal/fit, but they are working as is. If you have a bee problem this feeder is your solution!

As with any new feeder, be patient. Our experience was quicker than most because we have a hundred or so orioles visiting (and new young ones now) and I think they followed the leader.


since last year we have purchased three orange ball and two dish style oriole feeders. ALL of the orange ball feeders leak and/or were missing parts, and BOTH of the dish style feeders hang crooked and leak! We are DONE with your products! It's disgusting that an American company will have their product made in china & sold in the U.S. with such POOR quality. Maybe you should try a little R & D before putting your name on it! VERY SAD!!!


Perky-Pet® Consumer Relations Response:


Thank you for sharing your feedback!  We are sorry to hear you were not satisfied with the Opus® Oriole Feeder (model 467-3) and Perky-Pet® Sundance Top Fill Oriole Feeder (model 254).  Please keep in mind we offer a wide variety of feeder that may better suit your needs like the Perky-Pet® Deluxe Oriole Feeder (model 252) and the Opus® Oriole Plus (499-2). 


We would like the opportunity to work with you directly regarding this matter.  Please contact our Consumer Relations Team at 1-800-800-1819, opt 1 so we can provide you with assistance. 

We look forward to working with you!


Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation




24 oz. nectar capacity
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