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Oriole Feeders, Opus® Oriole Feeder, 467-3
Opus® Oriole Feeder Opus® Oriole Feeder Opus® Oriole Feeder Opus® Oriole Feeder

Opus® Oriole Feeder

model #: 467-3

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Attracting and feeding orioles. With its patented bee guard, ant moat, and no drip design, this bright orange feeder will make the orioles happy -- and you, too! read full product details »  

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Opus® Oriole Feeder


Opus® Oriole Feeder

Enjoy hours of watching the delightful orioles as they feast at one of these bright orange plastic oriole bird feeders.


The Opus® Oriole Feeder has a 16 oz. nectar capacity, 4 perches, a no-drip design, a built-in ant moat and a patented bee guard to keep bees out while birds feed. Oriole bird feeders may be hung or pole mounted.


Remember to clean your feeder once every two weeks with mild soap and water solution.



Opus® ORIOLE feeders - Great features and value for your customers to discover the wonders and beauty of orioles

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All About Orioles

Help & Advice - All About Orioles

Although there are several different kinds of orioles, they all have certain aspects that make them very recognizable -- especially the bright coloring of the male orioles.


Find out more about the beautiful and colorful Oriole.

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24 oz. nectar capacity