Oriole Feeder Parts

Shop for oriole feeder parts here. Perches, bases, bottles, and bee guards are just a few of the replacement parts for oriole feeders we carry. Find everything you need to repair and replace your Perky-Pet® oriole feeders now.

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  • Perky-Pet® 36 oz Clear Plastic Hex Bottle

  • Perky-Pet® Replacement Bee Guards, Decals and Hanging Wire

  • Perky-Pet® 3-Piece Perch

  • Perky-Pet® Perch Holder

  • Perky-Pet® Feeding Base with Perch Holder

  • Perky-Pet® Orange Slice Decal


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Why Purchase Oriole Feeder Parts?

Offering nectar in an oriole feeder is one of the best ways to attract the vibrant orange and black birds to your yard. Orioles eat primarily insects, but they are known to frequent hummingbird feeders as well. Instead of watching them struggle to fit on a tiny hummingbird feeder, give them an oriole feeder that’s designed especially for them.

Orioles have a sweet tooth and like to snack on things like fruit, jelly, and sugar water. Our Perky-Pet® oriole feeders are orange in color to attract orioles, and they have larger perches and ports to accommodate their slightly larger size.

If your oriole feeders have been working brilliantly and you’ve been seeing lots of orioles flocking to your yard, you certainly want to maintain your feeders for years to come. Here are birdfeeders.com, we have everything you need to keep your oriole feeders working flawlessly. You can replace just about everything on most of your Perky-Pet® oriole feeders, right down to the orange slice decals.

Summer is the best time of year to spot orioles in the Eastern half of North America, so make sure you keep your oriole nectar feeders in the best shape possible. Be ready to put them out as soon as the weather starts to turn warm!