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Feeder Replacement Parts

Wild Bird Feeder Parts

Find the largest selection of wild bird feeder replacement parts here. If you need bird feeder ports, perches, tubes, or trays, we have what you need. We also carry a variety of replacement parts for squirrel proof feeders including squirrel baffles and springs for weight-activated feeders. Shop the Parts Store below to find tube feeder parts and other replacement parts for Perky-Pet® seed feeders

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For model #329
For model #329
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For models #102A, #102G, #102B.
For models #101B and #102B
For models #101G and #102G
For models #389, #398
For model #336
For model #7103-2
For Perky-Pet® brand feeders
For models #307-6, #308-6, #309, #311, #389, #398
For models #311, #399
For model #329
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Why Purchase Wild Bird Feeder Parts?

With dozens of parts on hand, you’re sure to find what you need to fix that old, worn out bird feeder you’ve cherished for so long. Keep your favorite bird feeder functioning like new with our quality and affordable replacement parts.

Over time, bird feeders will eventually start to show signs of wear and tear. The bright sun makes it that much more stunning to look out and gaze at the birds eating from your bird feeders, but it can also fade colors and eventually warp plastic parts on your feeder. That’s why we offer a great selection of bird feeder parts so you can effortlessly replace what’s starting to wear, and keep using what’s not!


If you’re simply looking for color variety for your backyard, you can even change the color of the ports or dome style on your Heavy Duty Bird Feeders. With our selection of Heavy Duty Bird Feeder parts, you can now change colors on these feeders from Antique Copper to Midnight Black to Hunter Green. Or, if you’re feeling extra bold, why not have a feeder with all three port colors!