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Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System With Ties, Model BSTEZ006A
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Plant Supports, Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Ties, BSTEZ006A
Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Ties Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Ties Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Ties Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Ties

Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Ties

model #: BSTEZ006A
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Staking tomatoes and other vine grown plants. The patent pending design grows taller and wider as your plant grows, supporting each growing branch. This roll of strong, durable stretch tie can be cut to needed length. read full product details »  

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Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System with Sturdy Stretch Tie


Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System


The patent pending design of Stake It Easy™ (STEZ) grows taller (up to 6')as your plant grows supporting each growing branch.  More advanced than traditional tomato cages and garden stakes, this system actually grows with your plants.


To assemble, just snap together. Then adjust the height and expandable support arms as the plant grows. The system comes with six, 3-ft. long Sturdy Stakes and 3 connectors to add height when needed. Also included are nine expandable support arms to add width as the plant grows.Earned the Gardening Club Seal of Approval


This versatile system can be used with tomatoes or most vine plants that need support. 



Gardeners Blue Ribbon™ Sturdy Stretch Tie


This roll of strong, durable stretch tie can be cut to needed length and expands with plant’s growth.


The Gardener’s Blue Ribbon® Sturdy Stretch Tie (T006A) can be used for tying/securing anything in your garden. Stretch design is great for plants as it allows for plant growth and helps prevent wind damage. Use strips as motion devices to scare away unwanted garden visitors. A must among your garden supplies; it has hundreds of other uses, too!

This weather proof, inch wide tape comes in a natural green color and is so easy to store. 


Gardener’s Blue Ribbon: Garden Products to Beautify Your World

Customer Reviews

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  Gardening How To Member Test Review: Sturdy and no Rust 

The heavy plastic construction that doesn't rust is much more attractive than the thin wire systems. The ability to adjust the side rails makes it much more useful in different planting arrangements. We are in the midst of winter, but I know it will be just the thing this spring and summer!

  Gardening How To Member Test Review: Appreciate the Metal Stakes 

I found the instructions easy to follow and it was easy to put together. I appreciated that the stakes that go into the ground are metal since I have rocky clay soil.

  Gardening How To Member Test Review: Attractive - A++ 

This product was very easy to use and to assemble. I had been using various sticks and plastic ties on plants and they looked just awful. This product is attractive and will last for many many seasons. What is also nice is that when using it on tomatoes you can easily remove it and use it on another plant. I had a sick tomato plant that had been grown on a wire plant support and I found it impossible to remove it since it did not come apart. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants a solution to using those ugly wire plant supports. This product might cost more than the cheap wire ones but it will pay for itself in just a few growing seasons and it is so nice how easy, attractive, sturdy and durable this product is. A++

  Gardening How To Member Test Review: Sturdy 

I would highly recommend this product, it is very sturdy, it is easy to use, it is not visible, it blends in very well with green vines. It can be used over and over.

  Gardening How To Memeber Test Review: Easy Assembly 

To assemble is very easy, nothing to it! To set up is effortless and easy to connect al the parts together. Easy to shape the way you want it and it is big enough in stature to hold a large plant in place. I plan to use it on large tomato plants this summer. I know that this large stake will suit my purpose beautifully...

  Gardening How To Member Test Review: Provides Results 

I feel very strongly that this product will produce the results that every gardener is seeking when it comes to flower planting. I used this for traditional roses.

  Gardening How To Member Test Review: Great for any Running Plants 

It is great for any running plants, not just vegetable gardens. Easy to use for indoor tomato plants and others as well. I used this to run a big ivy plant I had, and look forward to using for others as well!

  great tomato cage 

We bought the other model last year and more this year. Save the ties to use to tie plants if needed. Suggest you sell the spear separately for other types of plants.

  Tomato Cages - 

See my below correspondence to client services:

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Date Purchased: 04-21-2011
Model Number: TMC60PLUS
Order Number:

Hello I’m Nick and I’ve used your tomato cages in the past and found them to be a great product because not only are they adjustable but very durable with many years use in each. This year I tossed out all my metal cages and purchased 12 total and have given good feedback of your product to my loyal followers on a gardening YouTube Channel I operate. But come to find out the cages have become very flimsy. The adjustable connectors will not stay locked in the position I placed them in so now I have “Straight” when I need is “Cone” which is the shape I recommend on my videos posted on YouTube but they don’t work. Not sure if I just purchased a defective set or if this is now how they’re made. Was there a change in how you make your products, new factory? Looking for a replacement for the moment…really bummed the cages that showed promise one season to the next tanked I don’t get it. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, or required additional details please email. Nick House...

After a month or so of emailing back and forth with customer service they agreed to send me replacements and that the new arms would be tested before sent to insure durability. Well I received them more than what I needed but was a nice gesture anyway the arms are even more flimsy the little tab you have to lift to adjust the size breaks clean off with the slightest touch. They're worse than the ones I spent over $100 on!! So what happened with the testing guessing that was a lie. Well too late now if they would've just said we don't care not going to send you replacements I would've tossed their product and went back to the ole metal cages now the tomatoes are too large to remove the suffocating cages. Do not buy this product you will surely be disappointed and out a decent amount of hard earned cash.


Consumer Relations Response:



Dear Nick,

Thank you for your feedback.  We are sorry for the inconvenience you experienced. Your review has been shared with our product management team.  We are happy to report that we are in the process of redesigning the arms for the Stake It Easy™ Plant Staking System and Ultomato™ Plus Plant Cage System; working with the supplier to correct the issues you have addressed.

We would be happy to provide you with a better solution.  If you have questions our Consumer Relations Team is available at 1-800-800-1819, opt 1 to assist you. 

Best regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation


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