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Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth 3-Pack, Model # BB51702 | For Ants | Saferbrand.Com
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Indoor Insect, Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth 4lb. - 3 Bags, BB51702
Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth 4lb. - 3 Bags Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth 4lb. - 3 Bags Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth 4lb. - 3 Bags Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth 4lb. - 3 Bags

Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth 4lb. - 3 Bags

model #: BB51702
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Best Used For:
Killing a variety of crawling insects including bed bugs, ants, earwigs, cockroaches, silverfish, crickets, fleas, millipedes and centipedes. This OMRI Listed® and compliant for use in organic gardening diatomaceous earth kills the insects within 48 hours after they ingest it. read full product details »  

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Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth 3-Pack

Made from FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth!

Leave bugs dead in the dust.  That’s exactly what you’ll see with Safer Brand’s Ant and Crawling Insect Killer.  And you don’t have to worry about applying chemicals to get the job done.

diatomaceous earth is an effective bed bug killer


Kills any type of crawling insect within 48 hours.

Once you apply Ant and Crawling Insect Killer where you have a crawling insect problem, you’ll see insect activity stop in minutes. Infestation issues in a couple of days.  Dual action. Kills insects by ingestion and dehydration.  You can use it inside your home or outside in gardens, or on patios and walkways.  It lasts as long as it’s dry.


Details on how Diatomaceous Earth works to kill crawling insects.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is a dust-like product that contains the crushed fossilized algae (diatoms) from fresh water. These crushed diatoms feel like powder when we rub it in our hand.  But it’s very sharp to insects with delicate exoskeletons.  When you apply DE, dust is ingested by the crawling insect or the insect crosses through the powder.  The DE will cut their exoskeleton.  This causes the insect to dehydrate and die. Insects cannot develop a resistance to it since there are no chemicals to which they can build up immunity.


Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed

At Safer® Brand, we pride ourselves in offering you organic products.  Ant and Crawling Insect Killer is another product you can feel confident using in and around your home. OMRI Listed® and USDA Approved for Organic Gardening.  No worries of toxic residuals.  

Safer® Brand Diatomaceous Earth


What type of Diatomaceous Earth is this?

Beware.  Not all DE is the same. Our DE is made of Silicon Dioxide.  This comes from a freshwater source.  It is the same type as used in food-grade diatomaceous earth.  Be careful of products made of Diatomite DE.  It is made from unnatural sources.

Use DE to solve problems with virtually any crawling insect. Ants. Earwigs. Cockroaches. Silverfish. Crickets. Fleas. Centipedes and more.


Directions for Use:

Safer® Brand Insect Killing Soap Instructions

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  • INDOOR USE: Lightly coat a thin layer of duct in the areas where these pests are found or may hide such as cracks and crevices, behind and beneath stoves, refrigerators, sinks, cabinets, garbage cans, around pipes and drains, window frames, and in attics and basements. Hit insects directly where possible. Repeat treatment as necessary.
  • OUTDOOR USE: Lightly coat the areas where these pests are found or may hide including windows, door frames, and sills, and outside of entrance ways. Repeat treatment as necessary.
  • For full instructions depending on indoor/outdoor use and specific plants and insects, please refer to the Instructions link to the left.


    OMRI Listed® Organic.  Click to see White Papers

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    Want more information about why Diatomaceous Earth is the organic choice as a bed bug killer?? Download our FREE White Paper on Diatomaceous Earth.


    OMRI Listed® Organic.  Click to see certification

    See Certification

    OMRI Listed® and compliant for use in organic gardening. Using Diatomaceous Earth in your home or yard provides you with effective bed bug control, cockroach control and an overall pest free home and yard.



    Safer® Brand is the leader in alternative lawn and garden products. Safer® Brand recognizes the growing demand by consumers for these products, offering a wide variety of natural and organic solutions for lawn, garden, landscape, flowers, houseplants, insects and more!



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    Customer Reviews

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      Thank you!!! 

    Safer, your product has saved my sanity! I'd been getting itchy spots for over two months, but I thought it was a spontaneous case of hives. Imagine my horror when I spotted a nasty little insect on my bed and finally put two and two together. Bed bugs! For two weeks after I figured it out, I don't think I slept through a single night. I kept waking up at 3 a.m. thinking I felt bed bugs biting me. And the worst part is, it wasn't my imagination!

    Although I'd heard of diatomaceous earth, I resisted trying it because it sounded messy - so I opted for sprays, vacuuming, and some strange methods involving duct tape and Alka Seltzer. None of that worked at all, so I sprung for the DE. I dusted it all over my bedroom, mess be damned, and even wiped some on the sides of my mattress and box spring. On the first night and the next morning I was pretty bummed, because I saw some bugs and they weren't dying! By the next night, however, the magic had kicked in. I didn't see a single live bedbug and got a good night's sleep for the first time in forever.

    Now it's been a week since I put down the DE, and I haven't been bitten in days. I'm still holding my breath (and I haven't dared to clean up the DE yet) because I know bed bugs are tenacious little critters - but so far so good. I can also attest that the DE hasn't bothered my cat at all.

    In conclusion, don't expect DE to be an instant killer, but hang in there and it'll work like a charm! Your stuff will be dusty for a while, but it beats prowling around like a sleep-deprived maniac with a vacuum and a spray can - and still not getting most of the bugs. Safe, cheap, effective, and a total life-saver.

      Kills insects without using poison 

    I used to buy this product at Lowe's but they no longer sell it. With the very hot, dry weather we are having problems with insects getting into the house seeking moisture. I put DE on around the windows outside and cabinets under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, plus in certain other places including the garage. Also, across the driveway in front of the garage door. Very effective. Bugs walk through it and die afterwards. No poison is involved! What more can you want? :-)

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