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TERRO® Pantry Moth Traps, 4-Traps, Model # BT2900
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Terro® Insect Control, TERRO® Pantry  Moth Traps, 4-Traps, BT2900
TERRO® Pantry  Moth Traps, 4-Traps TERRO® Pantry  Moth Traps, 4-Traps TERRO® Pantry  Moth Traps, 4-Traps TERRO® Pantry  Moth Traps, 4-Traps

TERRO® Pantry Moth Traps, 4-Traps

model #: BT2900
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Attracting and killing grain moths, flour moths, meal moth and seed moths. These include the Indian Meal Moth, Tobacco Moth, Almond Moth, Mediterranean Moth and the Raisin Moth. read full product details »  

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TERRO® Pantry  Moth Traps - 4 Traps


T2900 TERRO Pantry Moth


Keep grain-loving pests out of your pantry with TERRO® safe, non-toxic pantry moth traps.


These easy-to-use glue traps attract and kill the most common moths.  The moth traps contain a powerful pheromone lure that attracts moths to the trap’s sticky surface where they get stuck and die.


Each TERRO® Pantry Moth Trap package includes two glue traps and two individually wrapped pheromone lures. Use one lure for each trap by gently pressing the lure into the center of the trap and place the trap in areas where moths are observed swarming.


For best results, replace the traps every three months or sooner if the trap becomes dusty or full of moths.


TERRO Pantry Moth DESC


Moth Infestations


A familiar problem in many homes, pantry moths are attracted to products such as whole grains, flour, cereal and dry pet food that are commonly stored in kitchen pantries.   The first sign that you have a moth infestation is usually small moths swarming around your kitchen, pantry, basement or garage. If an infestation is detected, place the TERRO® moth traps in areas where moths have been observed.

TERRO Pantry Moth target


We recommend storing dry foods in tightly sealed containers and keeping pantries clean and crumb free.  If an infestation does occur, place all contaminated food in a sealed bag and discard.  Good housekeeping habits will go a long way in preventing a moth infestation. 




TERRO Pantry Moth DESC Directions

Directions for Use


  1. Pre-fold trap on fold lines (illustration 1)
  2. Remove paper backing from the glue surface of the trap (illustration 2)
  3. Open the lure package (illustration 3). Use one lure for each trap
  4. Gently press the lure into the center of the trap (illustration 4)
  5. Re-fold the trap along the fold lines, forming a tent   (illustration 5)
  6. Place the traps on shelves in the area where moths have been observed




View video for tips on how to get rid of pantry moths:


Customer Reviews

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  Amazon Review 

Easy to setup & use - worked immediately & continues to trap after 5+ weeks in use. Has helped to almost eliminate our moth problem!

  Amazon Review 

The moths were heading for the trap before I even got it put together. I was assembling a Catchmaster at the same time and they all headed for the Terro!

  Amazon Review 

Spoke to an exterminator at the factory I work at and told him I had moths flying around. He recommended this brand of trap. As a side note he also informed me that only the male moths fly looking for the pheromone of the female moths. It's good product that works well.

  Amazon Review 

I want to say this is a wonderful product, and works great, I don;t know why I continue to get the seed moth when I freeze the seed, but they do and thank goodness for Terro!

  Amazon Review 

We had a bad moth infestation so I put out 2 Safer traps and 2 Terro. The Safer traps were the first to attract moths in large numbers, no doubt about it, but the Terro traps did almost as good, over time. If I need moth traps in the future I'd buy either brand. They both worked well for me.

  Amazon Review 

Within 5 minutes of putting these out, the pantry moths were attracted to it. I would recommend these to anyone that has a problem with pantry moths. They are wonderful.

  Amazon Review 

I had two moths appear above me when I first opened the package. Shocking how quickly the moths come to this pheromone lure. After 24 hours, had caught over 30 moths in the two traps.

  Amazon Review 

Not sure why I have a moth problem, but I do. So I tried another brand of moth traps and they worked ok - but these Terro 2900 Pantry Moth Traps are better. I placed 1 in my pantry and 2 near my pantry and now they are all gone. I need to keep them out to make sure it doesn't happen again - but this really works.

  Amazon Review 

I have used other moth traps without much success, but the Terro traps are the best. Moths in my pantry are the most aggravating insect and these traps start working before they are even put in place. I will continue to use them as long as I have the problem.

  Amazon Review 

I bought several brands of moth traps and Terro did the best job. We had an infestation of moths from some organic products stored in our pantry. After following the directions and placing the traps high up on the top shelf, it only took a few days before the sticky traps were filled with moths. The Terro trap seemed to do the best job compared to the two other traps I bought. Of course we did not think to throw out everything in the pantry as the moths came back, upon cleaning out the pantry we saw signs that the grubs got into everything. So clean out the pantry and setup the traps.

  Amazon Review 

I honestly tried the cheaper Catchmaster traps and they just didn't do that well at attracting the moths, I think it's because the bait square is much beefier on the Terro brand. I swear this Terro trap worked within an hour of the time I set it out. I suggest you spend the little extra money and get these traps if you want the most success.



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