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Rat Zapper Ultra Electric Rat Trap | Rat Zapper 2000 Reviews | 3-Pack Bundle
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Rat Control, Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE, BRZU001PROMO
Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

Rat Zapper Ultra Rat Trap - Buy 2 Get 1 FREE

model #: BRZU001PROMO
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  • High voltage shock kills rats
  • Ideal for large-size rats
  • Kills 1 rat per setting
  • Kills 60 rats per set of batteries
  • No-touch, no-see experience

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Product Details

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Rat Zapper Ultra

Get Away® Dog & Cat Repellent, Granular Shaker Special logoSpecial, Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Offer!

If you're looking to get rid of one rat or several large rats, the Rat Zapper Ultra will deliver years of dependable service. This electronic rat trap is humane, safe, and easy to use. From set-up and use through cleaning and maintenance, each zap will be a snap thanks to clear step-by-step instructions. Once the target enters the Ultra, two plates deliver a total of 8,000 volts for two minutes, ensuring high kill rates. And the "no touch" feature makes disposal a truly hands-off experience.

Watch the Video! Watch the Video!

How It Works

The Rat Zapper Ultra is equipped with smart circuit technology that senses when the rodent enters the trap. Once the rodent is inside, the rat steps onto the metal plates, completing the circuit and the trap delivers a quick, humane 8,000 volt shock. Since rats have the ability to restart their hearts, the shock is applied for 2 minutes ensuring a high kill rate. Each time the trap catches a rat, the light on top of the trap flashes red to indicate a kill. You can "zap" 60 rats with one set of 4 “D” batteries, which makes it a truly effective rat trap.


Easy to Use

How easy are they to use? Very--and that's just one reason why they're so popular--just insert batteries, bait, place, turn it on and relax. First, insert 4 “D” batteries into the battery compartment. Using the entrance, bait the trap along the back wall using a small amount of peanut butter, dry pet food or nuts. Place the trap where you have seen signs of rodent activity or along the wall where rodents primarily travel. Turn on the Rat Zapper Ultra. A red light will blink once indicating the trap is working properly.

Simple Setup

"Yuck"-Free Cleanup

The hands-free, "no touch, no view" disposal reduces the "yuck" factor of a common mouse and rat trap. Clean-up is easy and it can be reused indefinitely--your friends and family will want to borrow it for safe, humane rat elimination.

Safe and Sanitary

The Rat Zapper Ultra is safe for use anywhere in the home. Built with high-quality electronics, recycled plastics, and recycled packaging, the Rat Zapper Ultra is both effective and environmentally friendly. It is ideal for attics, garages, basements and sheds. While it's always wise to use caution around children and pets, there is no blood, mess, chemicals, or poisons with the Rat Zapper Ultra.

Which Trap is Right for You?

Rat Zapper Ultra
Electronic Rat Trap
Rat Zapper Classic
Kill per Setting 1 Mouse or Rat 1 Mouse or Rat 1 Mouse or Rat
Kills per Set of Batteries 60 Mice or Rats 50 Mice or Rats 20 Mice or Rats
Batteries Required 4 "D" batteries 4 "C" batteries 4 "AA" batteries
Kill Method Humane, high-voltage shock Humane, high-voltage shock Humane, high-voltage shock

Victor® - Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 100 Years.

Customer Reviews

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The expression of " Building a Better Mouse trap" has finally become a reality! This thing is amazing!! I have used everything and have never seen results like this. First Night, two Rat's... I'm going on second day. First Rat in less than an hour! Unlike other people, I actually used Rat bait (LOL) To lure them just in case they snuck out with a meal as a backup plan. No need, Zapper gottem. I'm gonna recommend to everyone!! In the long run this is cheaper than any other method and more humane! I never leave reviews but on this, I had to. I wouldn't hesitate to buy 1

  Works Great!!! 

I am the caretaker for a large ranch. We have large rats & tons of mice on the property. I've tried EVERYTHING except for poison without much success. (I don't believe poison is humane & it also harms the wildlife that eat the dying, poisoned rodents). We installed the zappers & have killed countless mice & many large rats. When the trap is full, just empty the dead rodent into a bag, drop in a few pieces of dry dog food & flip the switch. Effective & easy, I highly recommend this product. I'm purchasing 20 more right now.

  Great product!!!!!!!!! 

This product is awesome. I didn't realize how bad my rat problem was. My wife and I started hearing scratching in our walls on a regular basis. I bought the 3 pack of this product and have killed 16 rats in 3 days! Best of all my wife is not grossed out about checking and rebaiting these traps. Did have 1 trip with no rat in it but hey 1 out of 17 ain't bad! Peanut butter ceral is what has worked for us. Thanks Victor I will recommend this to everyone I talk to

  Amazon Review, better than a big cat 

Love this trap I now have four! Caught so many rats and mice and it's quick and humane. Very effective.

  Amazon Review, Better than a cat! 

Looking for something that wouldn't harm my pets or children but would take care of the rodents who tend to get into the garage and crawlspace, especially in the winter, without making a big mess. Had paid several hundred dollars in the past for pest control to trap them and seal their entrances. Neither worked for long. I have tried other types of traps, sticky pads, poison packets, a second cat...just about everything. This was the only one truly successful on a regular basis! Usually averaged one a day at its peak and dry dog food for bait was the best enticement. I use rechargeable batteries and keep them in various places along the baseboards now and have seen no signs of them for months even with the latest sub-zero weather!

  Amazon Review, Great Product 

Very effective killing machine
No mess if you check it regularly
Easy to setup

Beginning to feel like a rat serial killer

I set it up inside a cardboard box with holes cut in both ends and covered with clear packing to protect from the elements. I left one top flap open so I could see the lights and access the switch. I used raisins for bait, and gave the rats several nights to dine freely and get used to it. Once the bait was gone, I added more raisins and switched it on. Two large rats killed in the first two nights. Curious to see how many more rats are out there, but I'm confident this device will take care of business. It could get messy if I forget to check regularly. Would be great if it had the ability to send a text or email notification that something might have been zapped.

  Amazon Review, Best mouse trap EVER!! 

My Wife and I moved in to an 1800's log home. Yes real log not a new prefab house that looks like logs. Our first year here and the mice had me a the end of my rope! Conventional traps just couldn't touch these smart little guys.

I bought one of these out of desperation. And what a surprise! It worked!

I received the trap and unboxed it, popped in the batteries, dropped a few nuggets of dog food in it and placed it against the back wall of the kitchen. Then I set back with a beer and began to read the book that came with it. I laughed out loud as I read the paper which stated that "if you have a mouse problem, expect your first kill tonight." This little devil had thrown countless spring traps and evaded every sticky trap that I had set out for a week!

The next morning I rushed to the zapper and... Wow! red light! And yes the mouse was in the trap ready to dump!

I reset the trap and by the end of two weeks had another mouse! The difference was that there hadn't been any sign of a mouse at that point. Hadn't seen it, no packages chewed into on the counter, no mouse droppings, nothing!

I let the trap set year round, checking the batteries, but letting it set and every now and then I see the red light.

And to my surprise, yes I have caught one rat! So, yes, yes I do recommend the larger zapper that can handle everything.

I can tell you that the price seems less than cheap but compared the food I was throwing away because of mice, it IS worth every penny.

Now the update...

Two years later, just after Christmas, I am setting at my desk with a martini and my Wife with the children are sitting on the couch watching TV with our two dogs. My Wife says that one of the dogs, the male, is standing at attention pointing at something. I walk out to see what the problem is.

He was trying to get past a book on the floor. I moved the book and it had fallen, covering the zapper. Red light!! We got one! First one in probably 8 months and no signs of a mouse but last night was our first 0 degree night of the winter, go figure. But my point is, the zapper worked 10 feet away from my Wife, 4 year old daughter, 2 year old son, and two dogs. No noise or anything to disturb them! I didn't have to explain why Mickey's head got snapped etc. They never knew what had happened!

It just doesn't get better than that!

I only wonder why everyone doesn't have one or two of these!?!?

  Amazon Review, Success 

Caught two mice in same night. Safe and humane. Easy to use as well. Thank you for peace of mind.

  Amazon Review 

I received the Zapper yesterday and got my batteries in this morning. I have already killed 6 really big rats in the garage!! I cleaned the garage really well and got everything up off the floor that they could hide behind like they had done before the Zapper arrived. I am thrilled with the results. It was expensive but the reward is worth it. I live on a farm and have feed out for chickens and other animals so the draw will always be here. I have never had such an infestation of rats here in the 23 yrs I have lived here. I suppose the predators are not as prevalent as before. I never liked setting a trap for fear of getting my hand in it. Poison baits are too scary to have around for fear of my dogs or other animals getting into them. This Zapper is the best! No mess, super easy to reset. I read reviews before I purchased this and seems not everyone has had the great results I have had. I put a few pieces of my dogs food into the trap and they went for it super fast. I feed an expensive food to my dogs, Merrick Buffalo Sweet Potato recipe that is 70% meat, no grain. Don't know if that made the difference but it worked great. I only put 2 small nuggets in the trap. After each kill I wiped the trap out with a damp paper towel but it really wasn't necessary as there was no mess.

  Amazon Review, Works every time - no more rodents! 

I've purchased the latest version to replace one that was in service for around 5 years. I love these things. Put some peanut butter in a bottle cap and place at the back. The rodents will enter the front and ZAP, dead rodent. Carry to trash and dump. No messing with blood and guts.
I put this out for a chip monk that was eating all the bird food in a feeder. I have the Tupperware container to place the device outside. The day it was flashing, I checked the trap to find it empty. I was upset and ready to call customer service. Upon close inspection I found footprints that showed the chip monk was dragged away by a skunk or possum. No complaint, just more dead rodents.

  Amazon Review, Works right away! 

Placed this upon receipt in the mail with 3 peanuts as bait. Never handling it with my barehands, but rather using a plastic bag to cover my hand instead preventing transmission of a human scent. Caught two rats in one night. Look forward to more catches tonight. Meanwhile, my snap traps had the bait 50% taken off them without triggering the trap.


This product was easy to use. It worked the first night with dry cat food. Seemed expensive - worth every penny.

  Amazon Review, It works 

Thus far, it's accounted for four rats and appears to be working as advertized. We've not had the problems mentioned in the lower ratings and are quite satisfied.

We've found that a small amount of dog kibble works for our rodent population. You do have to keep checking for the flashing red light, though. We didn't do that once and the result was a bit messy.

  Amazon Review 

I have several mice that try to make a living in the backroom of my garage every single year around this time and I get them every single year-I dont know if they talk or what but it has always been a problem. I never get them in the house thank God for that. So I set this out for a few nights to no avail and on the third night was a bingo-caught two of them ready to make their winter break home back there. Easy cleanup and done til next year! I hope! Lol This is much nicer than the old traps-no cheese and I dont slap my hand in the wires which I always seemed to do!

  Amazon Review 

Given the restrictions of this trap, it seems to work okay. I put some crackers with peanut butter for bait and set the trap where I thought the rat was traveling in my garage. 4 days later, the red light was blinking and I had a large, adult rat in the trap. I slid him out into a small plastic bag for insertion into the garbage pail and put the trap back down. The bait was still there.

As others have mentioned, I am not convinced that this trap is any easier or more sanitary than the normal rat traps. It is a little safer, though. Most pets would be too large to be able to go into the interior of the trap and touch the electric plate. Perhaps they could stick their paws into the opening to try to retrieve the bait, but it doesn't seem likely that they would be seriously injured doing so. Given that I have pets that do go in/out of my garage with some frequency, this is the rat trap that I'll use in the garage, rather than a regular trap that could possibly break their toes or perhaps a nose.

  Amazon Review, Stellar product that gets the job done. 

This is my 2nd rat zapper. We use them to kill chipmunks in our small back yard.

I initially tried to use this when temps were 30 degrees and below and it just doesn't work. I have changed the batteries this spring and have already caught two pests in one week - a mouse and a chipmunk. We have chipmunks and I'm starting to see new holes in the yard. I initially struggled using this product since I am an animal lover, but my yard is getting wrecked and I'm tired of having all my hard work get destroyed. I am also tired of large amounts of poop in my garage, all over my shelving.

This unit is very easy to use - though I really wish the back had an opening. I'm always so paranoid to stick my hand in there to load the bait, even with the item turned off. I take out a battery when I load the bait, just to be sure I don't get zapped. LOL A "back door" that opened for easy bait loading would be much appreciated! I'm using peanut butter as bait, which seems to be very effective.

I do like that this kills the pest quickly, humanely and cleanly. There's no blood, etc. Just tip the device into a yard waste bag and load bat again. I was doing the catch and release method with Havahart, but got tired of giving chipmunks a ride to the local park, wasting gas and time.

There are times when a chipmunk will get a free meal and the red light indicates a kill, but there's no chipmunk inside. I attribute this to batteries needing to be replaced.

Easy to use, easy to set and works well. Love the blinking red light telling you you've got a catch!

  Amazon Review 

I'm a fan of the Rat Zapper Ultra, and use it to zap mice in our home. I already had a Rat Zapper Classic, and found it performed admirably, but was excited about the Ultra because of the extra kills you get from the batteries. With the Classic I found I'd get a few mice, but then the juice would wear down quickly and I'd hear it go off but then not find anything within. So, that's not cool. But, with the Ultra, I don't have to change the batteries as often, and it's still nice and easy to kill & dispose of the critters. The indicator light is also a nice plus. Now, to be clear, this isn't perfect - cleaning it can be a pain when it gets, um, messy (mostly from food), and it does still miss some mice, but on the whole, it's better than a lot of other products out there, and is much cleaner / safer than snap traps or glue traps in my opinion.

  Amazon Review 

Works as indicated, but does not kill 50 rats on one set of batteries. We have this in use at our family property in NewDelhi, India where there is a significant rat population. In our experience, it is more like 3-5 rats on one set of batteries. Still, this is much better than the conventional rat killing contraptions we have tried. Overall, we like this product and would buy again.

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