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Sonic Repeller | Victor® Ultrasonic Plug In Rodent Repellent For Mice
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Mouse Control, Victor® Mini PestChaser®, M754S
Victor® Mini PestChaser® Victor® Mini PestChaser® Victor® Mini PestChaser® Victor® Mini PestChaser®

Victor® Mini PestChaser®

model #: M754S
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Repelling mice and rats. No messy traps, no dead rodents -- this rodent repellent can induce auditory stress, making the pesky little critters flee from the area. read full product details »  

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Product Details

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Victor® Mini PestChaser®


Who needs to have to deal with disposing dead mice caught in poison-bated traps? Who wants their children and pets to accidently find those traps? Keep your family safe and your home rodent-free with this innovative product.


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Mini PestChaser® How to Use


No messy traps, no dead rodents -- this rodent repellent can induce auditory stress, making the pesky little critters flee from the area.


The Victor® Mini PestChaser® emits high frequency sound waves that effectively repel rodents from protected areas.  For use in average-sized rooms, kitchens, garages, attics and basements.


The sound is completely inaudible to people and non-rodent pets. Varying intensity and frequencies of ultrasonic sound waves prevents rodents from getting used to the Victor® Mini PestChaser®. Since the sound is inaudible, a red LED light tells you the unit is working properly.


It's kinder than traps, safer than poisons, and there are no dead rodents to dispose of so it minimizes human contact with mice, rats, and other disease-bearing rodents.


Reduction in rodent activity should occur within 6-10 days.  Estimated service life of the unit is 3-5 years.


Note:  Ultrasonic sound cannot penetrate furniture, cabinets or walls. Multiple units required for multiple rooms.

What Type of PestChaser® is Right for You?

Ultra PestChaser® PestChaser® PRO Mini PRO PestChaser® Mini PestChaser®
Ultra PestChaser Heavy Duty PestChaser Mini PRO PestChaser Mini PestChaser
Recommended Use Large-size rooms Large-size rooms Average-size rooms Average-size rooms
Number of Speakers 3 2 1 1
Design Ultra and Industrial Heavy Duty and Industrial Mini and Industrial Mini and Discreet
Light Optional Pulsating LED Light Mimics Sound LED Light LED Light Nightlight
Output Varying Volumes (100 dB) and Frequencies (32 to 62 kHz) Varying Volumes (100 dB) and Frequencies (32 to 62 kHz) Varying Volumes (100 dB) and Frequencies (32 to 62 kHz) Varying Volumes (100 dB) and Frequencies (32 to 62 kHz)
6-Foot Cord Included


Victor® - Innovative Rodent Control Solutions from the Company You’ve Trusted for Over 100 Years.

Customer Reviews

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We live in the middle of nowhere....inn other words, the bush. We have 3 cats who have been unable to keep the mice and pack rats from invading our house when we are away. And we are away for long periods, like 2 months each fall. We leave 2 of our cats at home during this time, under the care of some neighbours. Each year when we return home, we find our dresser drawers have been infiltrated by mice storing up whatever they can fine in the house, ie. catfood, popcorn, beans...The cupboards have been invaded and food ruined. This year however, I had discovered this amazing product before we left for our 2 months away. we came home to a house where no mice had been getting into stuff!!! i am soooo impressed with this product!! We have also has issues with packrats getting in a chewing stuff up and leaving their nasty smells behind. This year, nothing!!! I am going to purchase more of these to put in our house attic where squirrels keep making a mess and in our little log guest cabin! So happy to have found something that actually keeps the varmints away and doesn't mean traps that work on one or that fill up (repeating traps) and are gross to have to deal with later!

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I bought the Victor Pest Chaser a couple of years back after having difficulty with field mice coming into the house, nesting with considerable damage to items in drawers and closets.
They worked wonders. I had them in every room in the house I thought including the garage.

Very early one morning at the opposite end of the house I heard a noise after listening for a bit I thought, "Oh my gosh
that's a mouse! It was then that I realized I had none of the plugins at that end of the house. I went to the garage unplugged the one I had in it and plugged it into the bathroom.

In about 15 mins. there was no more chewing sounds and none since.

I can hear the one in a bathroom as it is plugged into a wall outlet closer to ear level. I DO NOT hear those down lower on
the wall.  So I am back for more and will continue to use them. Just so you know.

Safer Brand Consumer Relations Team


MAY 29, 2012

Dear Gracie,


Thank you for your online review. The Victor® Sonic PestChaser® Ultrasonic Rodent Repellent (model M754S) is a fan favorite for proactive rodent prevention. The high frequency sound waves effectively repel rodents from protected areas by creating an uncomfortable auditory stress. In addition to repelling rodents from the home, the product can also be used in conjunction with traps or rodenticides for a current infestation in order to dispel new rodent populations from entering the home. We truly appreciate your feedback and value your business. Please contact us at 1-855-5-VICTOR (1-855-584-2867) with questions.

Best regards,

Consumer Relations Representative
Woodstream Corporation
Victor Poison-Free



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